Thursday, November 8, 2018

Take a break

Lots of my days are fairly busy with rehearsals or errands or social engagements or Japan adventures. But some days are not. Some days, like today, are spent mostly at home, binge watching Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy for the third time, doing laundry, straightening up the house, and just relaxing and cuddling the dog.

In the morning, I had an Officer Spouses of Yokosuka coffee at another member's house in my neighborhood, which was convenient. When I got home, Malcolm made it very clear he was happy to see me and didn't want me to doing anything else for a bit.

After lunch and some more chores and some indoor fetch, Malcolm needed some more cuddle time.

At the end of the day, the house wasn't sparkling and my to do list is still fairly long, but I felt good about my day. It's good to slow down sometimes, spend time with family (even the furry members), and relax. I've also had a bit of a cough this week, and I think spending the day at home was good for that too.

Sometimes I feel guilty about the days I spend this way. There are more of them than there used to be when I was working full time and/or going to school. But it's okay. Different seasons of life bring different opportunities and this season is a little more flexible for me than most have been or will be. The key is to be grateful for the highlights of whatever season you're in, and days like today are certainly a highlight of this season.


Heidi said...

In my current health situation, I've been reminded that it's fine to not go to work when I literally can't. It's nice to know that things won't explode if I use FMLA time to stay home when going to work would be extremely painful, uncomfortable, and stressful. Slowing down is a very nice concept I'd almost forgotten about.

AmandaStretch said...

One of my friends suggested that in the case of pregnancy it's good practice for when you have a baby and need to slow down with them too. I'm glad you're taking the time you need!