Friday, November 23, 2018

Look around, look around!

Back in January we did one the best things we've ever done in Tokyo - a puzzle scavenger hunt in and around the Tokyo Metro. We were super excited to find out that it was back with all new adventures and puzzles! And, once again, the Tokyo Underground Mysteries did not disappoint!
Many other people doing the same thing we were doing - trying to interpret a series of windows!

We got a late start in our day, so we started with lunch while we figured out the first puzzle and then we were off!
Fried rice (chahan) from Pepper Lunch
Godzilla Road with Godzilla in the background!

Subway buddies!

Once again, my favorite part was the mystery train ride. We got on a the train, per instructions, and then had to answer questions solvable only during the ride between each stop until we knew where to get off next.
Watching the board for answers and clues

Puzzle book in one hand, train handle in the other, pencil had to go somewhere!
Not a puzzle, just an amusing sign outside of a restroom

Dialing for a clue
Chocolate pecan waffle break
Found an excellent view of the Shibuya crossing!

It took us a little longer this time, but we worked well together and definitely wouldn't want to do this alone. Once we'd acquired all the clues, we headed home, took a break, ate Thanksgiving Dinner Part Deux, and then spread everything out on the dining room table to solve the final puzzle. It took some trial and error and even a little serendipity, but we did it!
More windows = more clues


For those in the Tokyo area or visiting before the end of January, I highly recommend this adventure!


John Pilmer said...

Kind of like a mobile escape room

AmandaStretch said...

Basically! The same company that creates these also has some escape rooms. Blake and I really should try one of those someday.