Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'Cause I'm a woman, W-O-M-A-N!

I saw it for the first time just before midnight on Saturday. A dark little creature, scurrying across the far wall in my kitchen. A little too freaked out to investigate for 20 minutes, of course it wasn't there when anymore. So, I went to bed.

Sunday morning, when it ran across the open floor, a furry grey body against white tile, I definitely knew I hadn't just been seeing things.

I had a mouse.

I jumped up to follow it/chase it out of the house/something besides just let it run amok. It seemed to dash into my storage nook but was gone by the time I worked up the courage to move the things on the floor. I did notice that the door leading up to the main house had a huge gap underneath, so I barricaded it and moved on with my day.

Sunday night, the mouse had the courage to run by my living/bedroom door, and it was on. I couldn't find it behind my TV stand, but even if I could, what was I going to do? Hit it with a broom?

I called my dad. Who put me on speakerphone. So that the he, my mother, and my brother could laugh at me when I meekly whimpered "Daddy . . . I have a mouse."

Then they confirmed what I already knew - it was time for mousetraps.

After freaking out the landlady (turns out mice are one of her worst fears and oh yeah, the last tenant had a mouse too, sorry I forgot to tell you) by asking if she had any and being told no, I decided that a mouse in the house was an ox in the mire situation, for I would not be comfortable just letting the mouse do its thing.

Not wanting to deal with mouse bodies, I chose the no-view traps, as well as a few glue traps, just in case. Within moments of setting them, the mouse went straight for one, rattled it a bit, but apparently walked away. With six traps littering the floor of my teeny place, I figured it was only a matter of time, so I relaxed and waited.

By 12:30 AM, still nothing, but as I went to brush my teeth, the little devil poked his head out from behind my bookcase, as if to challenge me. It wasn't long before I realized there was only one exit and if I put a glue trap right there, I was sure to win. So I did, with the mouse watching from the shadows. I went back to brushing my teeth, trying not to be to anxious about the whole thing. Less than a minute later, I heard rattling, then struggling. I turned around and saw exactly what I hoped to - a mouse not about to go anywhere anytime soon.

Unfortunately, I had to look the poor thing in the face as I picked it up and put it in a trash bag. It temporarily broke my heart, but really, it had to be done. Sorry, dude. My policy still stands - I don't try to live in your house uninvited, so don't try to live in mine.

None of the other five traps have any catches, so I guess word has gotten out among the mouse community. I prefer that way, as having no one else to take care of unwanted visitors is one of the unglamorous parts of solo living.

But I did it! And I'd do it again. Only bipeds live here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To life! To life! L'chai'im!

I know haven't been around much the last few months, but if you spent two years tethered to your computer for an online MLIS (not to mention all the time on the computer for work), you wouldn't be on the computer as much as you used to be either. I've been out living my life instead of writing about it as much.

So what has that life included? Some mildly unexciting things - getting back into the gym more, discovering a new TV show - but enjoying those without doing homework at the same time. Have you ever tried highlighting journal articles whilst running on the elliptical? A little higher on the fun and exciting scale, I've also started a new modern repertory dance class. I was able to attend a ward retreat to the mountains of Maryland for the whole weekend, without thinking about school at all. I even attended a library conference (my first) in Gettysburg, PA.

Settling into this new, school-less life has just been lovely. I'm able to say yes a lot more, to spontaneous meet-ups with friends, to musical projects, to incredibly late social nights - not studying, to wherever the wind takes me.

The wind has been taking me in some very interesting places.

Just this last Saturday, I went, with a handful of friends, to the Maryland Rennaissance Festival for my fourth consecutive year. I'm pleased to report that a lot more women were wearing their corsets properly than in years past and that Hack and Slash get funnier every time. There's something to be said for variety in your performances (I'm looking at you Johnny Fox). I wore normal clothes (as I had last year as well), but with my lovely hooded cape.

In the late afternoon, I attended the ring ceremony/reception of two dear friends in beautiful Leesburg, VA. I'm pleased to report that even though I somehow managed to not put my car in park, it missed the BMW to the left and the small hill directly ahead and drifted directly for the one little tree in between. Since it was only six inches in diameter, and my car was only going two feet an hour, there was absolutely no damage to my car! Just my ego, and a small scrape on the tree. Heavenly Father was certainly looking out for me.

The wedding celebration was lovely (though, unsurprisingly, everything was just a little behind schedule), and I'm pleased to report that even though I was at a table where I only knew one other person (surprisingly, because I know friends and family on both sides) I made the most of it and got to know the youngest sister of the bride and a rather cute, male family friend. I even watched a movie with them after (in his car, because my apartment was too far away from her hotel at that late hour and she was sharing a room with her parents) and let the friend crash at my apartment for the night before driving back to Richmond.

And that was just one day. Last night (or this morning?) I met Mr. T at his place after he got off work at midnight for a movie and some Xbox and didn't get home until after 4 AM. Today (thanks to Columbus day) I ran fun errands to places like the theatrical makeup store in DC, Michael's for a diploma frame, and Staples for a white board for a short film I'm directing this coming weekend. Then I went to the gym, folded laundry, and washed dishes, but that's not exciting.

Life, my friends, is good.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I run for hope

It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! While breast cancer has never personally affected my life, it's still an issue that's close to my heart (literally). So, when I was given the chance to donate to the cause and get new hair extensions to show my support, I jumped at the chance!

I kind of love my hair even more than usual right now.

For my DC-area friends, you can do the same at Zoe Salon & Spa in Fairfax. For all women, early detection is the key! For everyone, find out how you can help by going here.