Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're groovin' in the home of the librarian

I've done a day in the life before, but this one is an official Library Day in the Life.

8:30 AM
Wake up. I know. My life is hard.

9:30 AM Time for work! Checka ze email. (Does anyone else hear Strongbad's voice sometimes when they check their email?) I also do a little morning blog reading and turn on the Pandora. Lauryn Hill Radio for now.

Most of my circulation requests and reference queries are via email, and there's actually only one of each so far today. It's unfortunate, but when I get emails that start out with "I apologize ahead of time. I know there is a new procedure on how to check out materials, but I can’t remember what it is." or don't even apologize, just proceed to act like I haven't been rolling out a new system (complete with library instruction sessions, group emails, and individual emails) by requesting things the old way, I feel like I wasted my time trying to teach it in the first place. After three years of work on this, how hard is it to take twenty minutes to learn and remember the new, faster for everyone involved way of doing things? Blargh.

So. One request for materials I actually have. She asked for it with the old call number, but at least she remembered we're doing it by class sets now. Put together materials, drop off at intra-office mail pickup. Email teacher to tell her the music is on its way and to try and remember the new call number next time. Crave a little Angel Taylor and listen to Like You Do. Twice.

No outstanding requests. Time to clean up the office and catch up on my check-ins.

12:20 PM Request for orchestra materials via the new system. I think orchestra teachers are picking up on this new way faster than any of the others.

One of the returns is drastically incomplete, according to my records, so I have to draw up a Missing Music Form to send to the teacher. This is one of my least favorite things, but missing music is no good.

1:30 PM Lunch! Ate the last of the kind-of burned clam chowder, a mango, and some Jell-o whilst watching a little Doctor Who.

2:30 PM Back to check-ins, after reading a letter from my missionary sister. Afternoon playlist mostly influenced by this list a fellow librarian shared on Twitter.

3:40 PM Reference query via phone! This is probably the only time my phone will ring today.

4:00 PM I was mistaken about the phone. It was the same teacher, who still can't find the library website. ("It's l-i-b as in library, c-a-t as in catalog." "So it's l-i-p?" "No. l-i-B. As in library.") Bless her heart.

5:30 PM Working a little late today. Shelve the check-ins, fill in my timesheet for the week, daydream about moving if I get one of the jobs I've applied for recently.

6:00 PM And I'm off!

So, how does this librarian spend her evening? I went to the hip hop class at the gym before heading home for dinner, which was Ramen noodles in chicken broth with loads of veggies. I've watched a couple episodes of "Angel" (just started Season 2), and I'll probably watch "Heroes" and "Castle". I'll also do my dishes, and possibly fold some laundry. Ideally, I'll be in bed by midnight.

Today was definitely a calm day, of which I am a fan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The way you look tonight

You're all smart people. You know that how you dress affects the way other people perceive you. It's why we dress up for job interviews, dates, important meetings, etc. It's why goth teenagers in trenchcoats caused such a stir post-Columbine.

You probably also know, as I do, that how you dress affects the way you perceive yourself. Judith Rasband of Conselle Institute of Image Management says it better than I do.

It's time to take control of what we can—our everyday lives. Maintain a positive outlook and stay in touch with your spirituality. Now is not the time to slop around in a T-shirt or sweats, dwelling on the news. Don't let yourself look like a loser.

The way you look affects you first—the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act—where you go and what you do.

Get up and get dressed. Put on something nice. Look sharp—in charge of your looks and your life. Fix your hair. Try wearing a favorite outfit or a new combination of clothes. Lift your chest, your head, and stand up straight—a little taller than before.

Everything about your appearance affects you—what you wear, how you care for and carry yourself. Looking so sharp and feeling friendlier, get yourself out and out of yourself.

This probably isn't news to any of us. What I have a hard time with is remembering it. Give me a t-shirt and my brother's old gym shorts, and I'm a happy and comfortable girl. I LOVE that I can wear a t-shirt and jeans (even shorts) to work most days. Most of the people in my building know that if I'm wearing slacks and heels, I probably have a meeting. I usually make an effort to, well, make an effort when I know it might matter to other people, but I forget to make an effort when it would only matter to me.

It's easy to do. I work, mostly, alone. I don't think I've exchanged more than casual courtesies with anyone in person there since sometime last week. So, I know that if I sleep in twenty minutes longer and just throw on some random shirt after showering and piling my hair on top of my head, no one's going to care. Or, if I take those twenty minutes to carefully style my hair and actually put together an ensemble, no one's going to care. There's also the chance that the guys in the warehouse, who have been turned down for dates more than once, will compliment me. I always appreciate a compliment, truly, but there is something about the way they say it that causes me to feel uncomfortable. At least I've stopped saving my reasons to walk past them until after they've left for the day. It really doesn't help that I'm the only woman in the building under the age of 45.

So, I get in a rut of not worrying about my appearance. I'm clean, and at least I choose nice t-shirts, so I'm not a slob. I'm just casual and comfortable. But there is such a thing as too casual, and after a while of being casual, I start to feel it and act like it, and that IS a problem.

I dressed up this week. I wore heels to work twice. I've washed, dried, and straightened my hair three times in the last five days. I did wear a t-shirt on Monday, but that wasn't a work day.

Other people have noticed. Friends I went to dinner with last Friday noticed. More than one person has complimented me on the duster I incorporated into my outfit on Sunday and today. This has definitely been welcome. However, the most welcome thing is how I've noticed. Traditionally, this week would have been a very casual week, and while I have been tired and there was one day I just sported a rather frizzy chignon, I have still felt a little extra energized, confident, and focused than I have lately.

Hooray for that. I do wish I could add few more blouses into my wardrobe right now, but the clothing budget is currently rather limited. Still, I can continue to experiment with hairstyles, mixing and matching all the clothes I do have, and maybe add a few new accessories. I can definitely keep working out, which should eventually mean that I'll be able to wear some of the pants I haven't worn for awhile. Not that I have anywhere to wear my pleather pants to just now, but having the option again would be nice.

I really do like myself. I just could do a better job of reminding myself of that fact.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There's nothing to it, really

Let's talk about goals, shall we? Specifically, how I did with my 2009 goals.
  • Learn how to rock climb
Well, I went once. I even liked it, but those I went with, including myself, either got a girlfriend, got married, moved, or just isn't that close of a friend. I've talked about going several times with a group of girls in my new ward, we just haven't done it yet. Still, the goal was to learn, not to go every month. So, check.
  • Go to the gym 3-4 days a week
Ha. Hahahahahaha. Well, some weeks I did. I even had a personal trainer for a month or two. I had a dance class or two every week and even had a recital (that no one I know attended). So, it's not like I just sat around all day. Still, check-ish.
  • Read 26 non-fiction books, in alphabetical order by subject.
This one was harder than I thought. I've only read 7 thus far. To be fair, I WAS in grad school for most of this year, The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha is NOT an easy read, and, well, that's it. Eilonwy is doing this with me, and she only read 8, plus she got married! So, tick mark that will be a check later.
  • Scripture journal every day
Definitely needs improvement.
Not so much on the weekly, but I did do it daily for the entire month of November. Check, depending on how you look at it.
  • Organize my things (What good is a desk if I can't use it, as there is too much clutter on it?)
Not only did I clean off my desk, I threw it away! In the Great Move, I had to downsize on the furniture, and the desk was the first thing to go. I did organize the heck out of what did move with me, and it still looks pretty great. So, check and check.
  • Learn how to knit, and then give someone something I knitted for Christmas
Not even a little bit. I bought a set of Knifty Knitters at some point, but I just didn't get the hang of it. I still want to learn to knit, but all in good time. No check at all.
  • Graduate
  • Finish the project I was hired for by the time I said I would
It's still not exactly finished. It may never be. I was, however, able to complete it to the point of unveiling and everyone is loving it so far! Check!

All in all, I did pretty well! Stay tuned for goals (and a personal motto!) for 2010!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Get around round round I get around

Here it is! My annual Review of Places I've Spent At Least One Night (see 2008 and 2006-2007).

Where I Used to Live, VA
Washington, DC (Inauguration!)
York, PA
Alexandria, VA
Where I Live Now, VA
Morris Plains, NJ (only once this time)
Nashville, TN (proof that I can take LONG road trips all by myself)
Thurmond, MD
Lanesville, IN
Orem, UT (twice)
Rexburg, ID (sleepover with the sister!)
Columbia, MD

2009 was a pretty great year, but I have a feeling that this one is going to be just as great or, hopefully, better!