Friday, November 16, 2018

Let the waves up and take me down

This morning, a friend posed the question on Instagram - what good are you going to to do/be today? I wrote back that I was going to go to an water aerobics class. Honestly, I'd been looking forward to it most of the week, but as with many things that take effort and aren't totally necessary could have easily talked myself out of it. Telling this friend added to the list of people I'd told about it (besides Blake) and helped build my commitment to going.

And so, this afternoon, I traipsed all the way to main base and went to water aerobics! It was only the second I've ever attended and I really like it. It's low impact, which is good for my bad ankles and, now, my baby. Embracing the cheese factor of it just makes it that much better. There were only two of is in today's class and we did some sort of partnering square dance routine and even though I didn't know her, we smiled and laughed our way through it and burned some calories along the way.

I want to try going to this class more frequently. With Blake heading out soon, and my natural ability to avoid keeping up with routines, I need to build some routine into my week and things to look forward to that will help time pass and do some good in the meantime.

So, Friday afternoon water aerobics is going to happen. I'm telling you, so feel free to follow up with me about it!

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