Friday, January 24, 2014

Once there was a snowman

The last time DC saw snow of much significance was February of 2010. Any snowfall since then has been less than two inches and while that has been enough to shut things down and cancel school here and there, it's only been for a day, not several.

Until this week.

We had a great three day weekend for Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and were all set to go back to work and school on Tuesday when the forecast of 5-8 inches was enough to cancel school before we even went to bed on Monday. Blake's work wasn't closed until Tuesday morning, but it was followed by at least three inches of snow and neither one of us had to be anywhere again until late Wednesday afternoon when Blake's school finally reopened.

My own three day weekend has turned into a six day weekend because even though the accumulation hasn't been nearly as much as our last huge storm, it's even colder this time and road conditions is some of the more rural parts of the region are still treacherous. I did get out for a very bundled up walk with Blake this morning, which was quite nice, but otherwise I haven't left the apartment complex since Monday. Shortly after I post this, I'll finally need to put something other than pajamas on so that I can go to choir rehearsal. Tomorrow, Friday, may be my only day of work this week, though it's possible it will get canceled too, as some other local school districts have already done so. (I work for a private school, but we do what our county school district does for weather cancellations.)

As much as I like my job, all this extra time off has been very enjoyable. Blake was with me for most of it, which was a lot of fun. We decided it was terrible packing snow, but I did get to make a snow angel. There's been plenty of food, games, books, electricity, and supplies around and, since we recently got a Roku, plenty of tv and movies to stream directly to our television. There has also been no shortage of naps and warm snuggles. I've even managed to do few chores around here. It's also good that I'm getting paid this time.
View from our balcony

Frozen culvert

Hooray for snow days/weeks!