Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I wish that the earth, sea, and the sky up above will send me someone to lava

In March of this year, I started a new instrument - the ukulele! A woman in my neighborhood had recently moved in and was starting up some classes for anyone who wanted to learn. Blake was leaving for a long TAD, so I needed new projects, and a new musical skill? Yes, please! We started with the Lava song from the Pixar short (the title of this post). 8 months later, I can definitely say that I know how to play the ukulele (though I'm still not great, just better than I was when I started) and I am having an absolute blast.

In an effort to find my own ukulele, I discovered that there is a music street in Tokyo, outside the Ochanomizu station, where there is a whole block of instrument shops. I took a little excursion one day and found the perfect little uke!
My concert sized ukulele - I love it a lot!

At this point, I've learned several new chords and a few dozen songs in class. I've been trying to work up a few songs on my own, and that's getting better as well. I took the ukulele camping this summer and got to play what few songs I knew at that point around the campfire. I was even able to play the ukulele for a play I was in this summer and felt really good about my progress there!

We started Christmas music the last few weeks in class, of which I'm definitely in favor! Hopefully, I can commit more songs to memory, so this instrument and my ability to play it are even more portable. Any requests for songs I should learn?

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