Monday, November 5, 2018

Right Before Your Eyes

This year's musical with the high school drama club is James and the Giant Peach, Jr. Before this summer, I had read the book and seen the movie from the 1990s, but I hadn't even known this musical and certainly hadn't heard any of the music. I'm grateful that Summer wanted me to choreograph again and give me a chance to learn about this sweet and touching version of this delightful story!

As usual, I've had a great time with these students and exercising my creative juices. The students have worked really hard and I'm looking forward to their opening night this Friday! Today, Monday, was their final dress before they start school performances for the elementary students on Tuesday.
One of the sweetest moments in the show, when the insects tell James that his parents will always be with him

Spiker and Sponge and the cruise kick line - This part made me laugh so hard during today's rehearsal!

Break a leg, guys! If you're local, come see our show! If you're not, but want to hear the music for yourself - you can download the original cast album here!

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