Thursday, November 11, 2010

If I were a wealthy gi-irl

When my parents were first married, they lived really close, within walking distance, to a an inexpensive grocery store. It was cheaper and walking there saved gas money, but it was dirty and gross, and they were poor college kids.

One night, they were out with another couple and they all went on an ice cream run to Albertson's. To my mom's eyes, it was so cool. She asked my dad, "When we're rich, can we shop at Albertson's?"

When we moved back to Utah when I was 14, my mom started shopping at Albertson's. We must have been rich! We'd still shop there, if it still existed in my home neighborhood.

Now, I know I have plenty, and I live relatively comfortably, but I don't feel rich, at least monetarily. Still, I've been thinking, what seemingly insignificant thing would make me feel like I am rich?

I've thought of two things:

New, not used furniture and appliances - I love most of my hand-me-downs, but some of them don't always work and I'd prefer a bed that has always been mine and only mine (and, one day, a partner of my choosing).

Season tickets to a local theater - The nicer the theater, the richer I am!

What would make you feel rich? And if you are rich, will you Adopt a Recovering Grad Student?


Anonymous said...

I remember when I felt the same way. It's amazing how a new bed, a brand new washer/drier and a new set of living room furniture can change a new home. Now, I'm not sure what would make me feel rich. Maybe when I'm a little closer to finishing grad school I'll figure it out.

Emmaleigh504 said...

Used furniture becomes antique or heirlooms which = rich.

When I don't feel rich (cuz I'm not) I remind myself that I live in one of the richest parts of the country and I live comfortabley.

But when I'm actually rich I want some one to come clean my home for me, becuase I am terrible at it and hate it with a passion.

Emmaleigh504 said...

Oh and one more thing: My Dad says that when one has to start paying taxes at tax time instead of getting a refund is when one becomes rich. I'm not there yet, and not sure I want to be.

DeShawn said...

When my house is paid off--hopefully in 6 years--I'll feel very VERY rich.

snack said...

Every day that I pick up my Blackberry or my Netbook, drive my Truck, go camping in my RV, take a long hot shower, open my fridge and eat whatever I want, watch a DVR show on my HD tv, play Playstation, order a book on Kindle, or complain that I need to go clothes shopping - I realize I am fantastically rich... beyond the imaginations of millions.

Giggles said...

I'll add another vote to the house being paid off. My student loans will be first. The cars were an amazing feeling.

It won't be a number that says we're rich, but that we don't have to worry about any numbers.

When I'm rich though, I want a scholarship named after me. A nice old couple gave me a scholarship of $500 this year, so it really won't take much. But that amount made a huge difference for us.