Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Dance! Gonna be okay

Dance break!

There are all kinds of benefits of dancing. Flexibility, strength, endurance, not to mention a healthy sense of well-being. It's my personal favorite form of exercise, but it hardly feels like exercise at all. When you're concerned with technique, it can be hard and feel like work, but the good kind.

But just letting go and dancing with abandon? Awesome.

I love random kitchen dance parties. Or office dance parties. Or car dance parties. It just feels good!To encourage you to just get up off of that thing, shake it, and feel better, here are some of my favorite dance songs. If I'm missing one of yours, just let me know!

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And if that's not enough dance music for you, here are a few other playlists: Here and here.

1 comment:

Giggles said...

Yet another reminder that I really need to get back to belly dancing. I think the last time I really did it was a year ago today.