Friday, November 26, 2010

Very Extraordinary

Today, I was a Thanksgiving refugee. Unable to travel to see family this year, I'm so grateful for a group of fellow refugees and friends to gather with today and share a meal and reflect on our blessings.

As one of these friends mentioned, the wonderful thing about Thanksgiving is its simplicity. The best thing about any holiday is the food and the loved ones anyway, and that's all that Thanksgiving is about. No gifts to stress about, just good food and good people.

I definitely enjoyed good food and good people today. Yes, I missed my family, but I'll see them soon. I've never had to spend a major holiday alone and I feel truly fortunate for that.

I live such a blessed life. I have everything I need, so much of what I want, and I could never truly enumerate everything I am thankful for.

Is my life perfect? No. But it is so, so good.


Myrna said...

Your posts: always uplifting. :o)

Giggles said...

I do love the simplicity of them. And making them more complex can really ruin them. Yea for good food!

AmandaStretch said...

Thank you Myrna!

Giggles - I'm all for avoiding ruining holidays. :)