Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Somewhere that's green

Some people have a dream house. I just have a dream next apartment.

Don't get me wrong, I really love my current apartment. I need to get it clean again and take you all on a little tour, and I do mean little since it's about 300 sq. ft. based on my mental estimations. As a visual aid, I can vacuum my entire apartment in under 8 minutes from one electrical outlet.

Anywho. This was supposed to be about my next apartment.

The key to my next apartment will be space and sun, two things my current apartment lacks. As much as I love that my bed is my dresser is my storage space and my dining room is my sewing room is my food storage room, I wouldn't mind separating these things a little bit. I look forward to the day that my bedroom is my bedroom is my bedroom with maybe a dresser but very little else.

And sun? Oh how I miss natural light. I've had a basement bedroom for 8.5 of the last 12 years, so I'm used to having very little natural light in my bedroom, but there's always been a sunny spot somewhere else in the house. Now, I don't have any windows in my bedroom/living room, and the tiny windows I do have look out into the window wells and are over my toilet (making the rare times when there is someone in the backyard potentially awkward) and the back of my kitchen and dining room. I'm not totally devoid of natural light, but it hardly does anything to allow me to see and certainly doesn't warm up my space at all.

Space. Sun. I wants them.

I also want a dishwasher, a real oven, and a real stove. This half kitchen thing works, but it's certainly not ideal.

Oh, and a bathtub. I have a standing room only shower with terrible water pressure. No soaking sore muscles after a long day. Washing my long hair is such a chore, and if I use my Big shampoo from LUSH, I usually don't quite get it all rinsed out. One of my favorite parts of any of my travels is getting to use a shower with decent water pressure, which is kind of sad. I can't even remember the last time I had a bubble bath - probably just before I moved to this place. One of my Christmas presents to myself will be a soak in my parents' garden tub. I can't wait.

To sum up, my next apartment, if I can at all help it, will have 2 bedrooms, 1-2 full baths, a full kitchen, and windows. Plenty of windows. I'll use the extra bedroom as a hobby room of sorts - where I can set up my sewing machine, books, musical instruments, whatever.


For now, I'm going to get off my futon that is my couch that is my "guest room" that is my secondary shoe storage (underneath) and move the three feet and three steps up to my bed. I haz a sleepy.

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Giggles said...

You know me. I covet large bathrooms. A trick I learned in Brasil with bad water pressure is to get a large toothed comb and comb the shampoo through your hair and help it rinse out. That was the only way I could get all the dirt and then shampoo out of my hair there.