Sunday, November 21, 2010

Round round get around

Since 5:30 last evening, I've put 120.8 miles on my car. Considering I might put 10-15 miles on my car on any normal day, 120.8 miles in 28 hours in quite a lot for city driving.

From the gas station (which is where I reset my tripometer), I drove home, where I killed some time eating cornflakes and curling my hair, though not simultaneously. I'm talented, but I have my limits.
The evening's festivities were watching Harry Potter 7 with my crew. Free movie theater popcorn thanks to a friend's MovieWatcher card for the win! Oh yeah, and the movie and my friends. They were pretty good too.

This morning, I had a choir rehearsal (it seems I always have choir rehearsal these days) in Maryland and had to drive from where I live southwest of DC to a church building northeast of DC. Thanks to construction and a Penn State game (surmised by all the cars with Penn State stickers and flags filled with warmly dressed people), this took well over three times as long as it should have. It could have taken even longer if I'd only been 30 seconds later! Right behind me (and I mean right behind me), they blocked all four lanes of the Beltway and didn't let anyone go anywhere for 20 minutes. I learned about this when a few other choir member friends arrived much later than I did, and I was very late.

After rehearsal, I had to drive all the way back around DC and several miles west to Chantilly to meet someone with whom I may be partnering to teach dance lessons and we met for approximately 30 seconds. Weird that. We'll see how that shakes out.

Then back home. Took a nap. Finished my Q book. Rock on.

Tonight, I had my third of three pre-Thanksgiving dinners at another church building, fortunately in my city. The only problem is that there is a lake between us, so it's a long drive around and back.

It's a good thing I like driving (minus riding the clutch in 5 mph stop and go traffic). Driving gives me time for thinking, sing a longs, phone calls to and from the parents, and dance parties.

Tomorrow I have to drive to and from Maryland (for a choir performance this time) again. Hooray!


Jasmine said...

Wow. I do not like driving the beltway in traffic, especially in a stick. At least you were going places you wanted to be and had fun once you got there. :)

Giggles said...

I curled my hair this morning while eating Cheerios. Cornflakes would've been too difficult. ;)

Yea Harry Potter!

Yea reading!