Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Troll the ancient Yuletide carol

Work and choir rehearsals. That is my life right now. Soon it will be work and choir performances. Such is the life of a musician in multiple church choirs around the holidays.

The good news? I love it. I'm expanding my vocal repertoire and continuing to develop my musicality. Plus, I'm having fun! I love Christmas music, and I love most of the songs we're singing.

Except this one.

It makes me do this.
I'm also learning new things. Like the definition for the word troll.


–verb (used with object)
1. to sing or utter in a full, rolling voice.
2. to sing in the manner of a round or catch.
r of a round or catch.

–verb (used without object)
to sing with a full, rolling voice; give forth full, rolling tones.

This came up because in a version of the carol "Deck The Halls" arranged by one of our choir directors, he'd edited the line "troll the ancient Yuletide carol" to "toll the ancient Yuletide carol" which didn't make a lot of sense. So, being a nerd with a compulsive need to know, I looked it up in my dictionary app and shared with the choir. We've changed it back to "troll" and I'm going to try and use it in my personal vocabulary more often.

Then tonight, this thing was set up right in front me and it was huge!

Discussing it with my fellow sopranos, we decided it was probably a conductor's stand. But probably wasn't good enough, so I did a Google image search on my phone and confirmed it. Compulsive need to know strikes again!

Learning new things is awesome.


Heidi said...

Remember that one time we did that one Christmas program for that one singles ward and vowed never to speak of it again?

AmandaStretch said...

Actually, I don't really. I seem to have blocked it entirely from my memory. I just know that it would have been you and me doing most of it.

Giggles said...

I didn't know that about "troll" but I have seen that kind of music stand before.