Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm free-I'm free!

I know you've probably forgotten by now, since I really never talk about it, but you know how I've been in school for the last two years? Well, I submitted a 17-page single-spaced report on Saturday morning, and, just like that, I'm not anymore. It's both completely surreal and completely awesome. Unlike Canadian Dave, a friend since high school and a fellow MLIS-candidate, I have had a few enthusiastic shouts of joy and I've certainly happy danced. More than once. He's right about one thing though, that the biggest sensation is one of relief. I. Am. So. Relieved.

I'm also really energized. Unlike the last time I finished a degree, I'm not depressed and burned out. I'm single, childless, have a good job, and live in one of the greatest metro areas in the world. I don't want to let that go to waste. There are things to be done, and I'm going to do them.

Remember this list I made in the beginning of this school experience? Time for a new one.

Things I Will Not Do
  • Watch 10 seasons of anything in 2 months, unless it's while I'm doing something productive, like knitting
  • Become complacent
  • Become too reclusive
  • Stay up far too late writing papers (at least not for the foreseeable future)
  • Do another accelerated degree program (2 is enough, thank you)
  • Pay for another degree (scholarships/fellowships/free tuition benefits whilst working for a university - all welcome)

Things I Will Do
  • Continue to kick butt at my job (or any job)
  • Finish this year's book challenge (so what if I'm only on B)
  • Work on my other goals for this year
  • Keep dancing
  • Tour DC
  • Write
  • Perform
  • Socialize
  • Travel
  • Keep learning things
  • Explore other career and educational options (yes, I am thinking about a Ph.D. and/or a second Master's)
  • Enjoy my life, whatever comes my way
DC friends - I'm up for adventure! Time for fun things!

Non-DC friends - I still have a futon that's just begging for visitors, and I'd love some people with whom to play tourist.

Everyone - here's my graduation present to you, this week's SOTW. I've lost track of how many times I've listened to this song, and the video is just delightful.

Life is awesome. I enjoy living it.


David said...

Yeah! Three cheers for us because we rock!

I'm already studying for the LSAT. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Nancy said...

Hip-hip-hooray for Amanda the Pooh!

Nathan T. Gross said...


Giggles said...


AmandaStretch said...

Thanks all!

@David - I'll be researching my further schooling options soon, I'm sure. :)

Melissa said...

Hooray for freedom!! Such a loverly feeling, is it not? And yes, it is easy to get into the non-productive swing of things, so I'm proud of your determination!