Monday, June 8, 2009

The sweetest thing

My weekend in pictures

The baby birds (robins, I think) cuddled and snoozing on my front lawn. Their mom was off getting food (she was there when I'd arrived home).

The worst injury I have sustained thus far climbing out of bed. The picture doesn't really do it justice. It's a lovely greenish-yellow today.

Twilight candy? Really?

Oh yes. Really.

The makeup for my dance concert.

And in full.

I also got to practice my parenting skills, or least Best Aunt Ever skills. The "nephew" and his parents came over on Friday to help me hang up some of my bigger art pieces and I was able to show him the baby birds and teach him how to fist bump. In turn, he showed me where I need to child-proof my home. On Saturday evening, I babysat so his parents could go on a date and I was able to practice my baby shampoo mohawk skills. (No pictures here because I forgot to take them, and I wouldn't post pictures of someone else's baby in the bath anyway.)

It was so fun to watch him learn and associate things. He doesn't like bubbles on his face (no bubble beards for us), so if he had some, I'd wipe them off with the washcloth. Then, at one point, when my arm was covered in bubbles and hanging over the edge of the tub, he used the washcloth to wipe them off.

And the best part? Besides the baby hugs and kisses and overall adorableness?

He's learning to say my name.

Gets me every time.

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