Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Drove to Tennessee

My latest trip to Nashville, a statistical report:

3.5 days spent on mini-vacation
3 days it rained
30 hours spent driving
28 hours driving solo
1 audiobook completed
3 of 9 - disc in which I thought I might have listened to this book before, but had been annoyed by the ending, which I now couldn't remember, and was annoyed that I couldn't remember the annoying ending and would still have to listen to the whole thing
8 of 9 - disc in which I realized that maybe I haven't listened to this book after all, because the annoying ending was kind of long and it would have started by now
9 of 9 - disc in which I realized that I'd listened to the sequel
10 hours that process killed
128 songs sung at the top of my lungs
2 20-minute naps taken in random parking lots (1 in each direction)
4 AM local time I actually arrived in Nashville
2 uncles visited (plus all the accompanying family)
1 cousin married off (the wedding and celebrations were just lovely)
4 hours of sleep before the wedding
1 lb. of strawberry Twizzlers consumed
2/3 package of Double-Stuf Oreos consumed
A lot of beverages (mostly water)
Every 100 miles - how often I had to stop as a result

On a scale from 1-10:

How much I enjoyed my trip: 11
How well-rested I felt after: 4
How much I love the rain: 8
How much I love driving in the rain: 0


All in all, an excellent weekend. Just not one I will likely repeat, at least solo, anytime in the near future.


Giggles said...

I love driving in slight rain, but the rain in Wyoming on my road trip a few years ago when I couldn't see anything, that was scary.

Nancy said...

You are one brave chicky! I'm glad your drive went well and that you had fun visiting...but wow, I wouldn't blame you if you never pulled a solo trip like that again! :)

AmandaStretch said...

Giggles - It alternated between the two far too often. And it always seemed to be raining harder when I would come out of a gas station or rest stop.

Nancy - Thanks!