Thursday, January 17, 2008

In the city, the city of Compton

I bet you never guessed I'd use a Tupac song lyric. Well, I did. So there.

I borrowed this meme from Miss Nemesis. You list all the cities you spent at least one night in for 2007. Following her lead, I'm also going to do 2006 and my projected list for 2008. I also tried to do them in order.


Orem, UT
Anaheim, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Provo, UT
Morris Plains, NJ
Grand Island, NE
Chicago, IL
Alexandria, VA
Where I Live Now, VA
Brooklyn, NY
Orem, UT (again, but this time as a visitor)


Where I Live Now, VA
Corolla, NC
Orem, UT
Reston, VA
Nashville, TN
Rockville, MD
Lingfield, UK
Paris, France

2008 (Projected)

Where I Live Now, VA
Ft. Bragg, NC (maybe)
Orlando, FL
Corolla, NC
New York City, NY (maybe)
Orem, UT

My list gets shorter and shorter, but I still think that's not too shabby. Where have you stayed? Leave a comment or a link to your blog!


Nancy said...

2006 was an eventful year. I'll see if I can remember it all...

Somewhere in England...I can't remember (New Year's Eve)
A plane over the Atlantic Ocean (New Year's Day)
Orem, UT
Somewhere in Nevada (our car broke down on the way to...)
La Mesa, CA
Orem, UT
On a plane over the Atlantic Ocean again
Amman, Jordan
al Husn, Jordan
Amman, Jordan
Petra, Jordan
Amman, Jordan
Aqaba, Jordan
St. Katharine's, Egypt (Sinai)
Luxor, Egypt
Train traveling across Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
Dubai, UAE
Istanbul, Turkey
Airport in Amman
Plane over the Atlantic Ocean again
Orem, UT
Grassylake, AB
High River, AB
Orem, UT

2007 was rather boring
I believe just Orem and High River.

2008 will hopefully be uber exciting again :)

Nemesis said...

Wow. Um, can I have Nancy's life, please?

chosha said...



I hope 2008 includes LA and SLC, but we'll see.