Thursday, May 28, 2009

In your apartment

A few weeks ago, Laylabean posted this fun little photo meme. I wasn't doing anything of any note at the time, so I grabbed my camera and was all ready to take pictures when I discovered that my camera batteries were dead and it was too dark to take pictures with my phone.

It took me a week to remember to charge them in time for the airshow.

Then I couldn't find my camera cord (still haven't, because I haven't worked on my office boxes for a while).

So, finally, I remembered to take pictures in the daylight with my phone, and now you'll get a little preview of the apartment that is slowly coming together.

Here’s how it goes…

Grab your camera and take pictures of the following five things the way they are right now. No adjusting, cleaning, or cheating allowed! (I cheated, obviously. Sorry.)

1. Your front door

2. Your bed

3. Your toothbrush

4. The dishes you use most often (you can stage this one)

5. Freebie - your choice.

Then post them to your blog, on Facebook, to Flickr, whatever…somewhere we can all see them. Don’t forget to put a link in my comments so we can find you.

And so we have:

1. My front door - Technically, my front door is the garage door, but that's boring. See how my keys are dangling from the door? I was just about to walk in before I remembered to take this picture.

2. My bed - It's on top of my dresser and some cinder blocks and precariously close to the ceiling. But I haven't fallen yet. Mr. T didn't either when he first made it for me, as far as I know.

3. My toothbrush - Eilonwy has the same one.

4. The dishes I use most - Sorry this is so blurry. Oops.

5. My bookcase! Is pretty. This picture doesn't exactly do it justice. Thank you for all of your votes and ideas that I promptly discarded.

Your turn!

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