Thursday, October 9, 2008

Running just as fast as we can

Monday, I was told by my doctor to stop running. Forever.

I'm not so excited about that. I'm not the best at running. I'm slow and I don't do it as often as I should, but I love it when I do it. I always feel like I've accomplishing something significant and my endorphins run high. I'm especially addicted to racing, though only against myself. I love knowing that by some degree, I beat my previous time. I really dig that it doesn't involve any equipment. I need clothes and my ankle braces, and preferrably my iPod, but that's it. There's something powerful about traveling somewhere using only your own energy and body.

When I told the doctor that's what I do, he winced. Literally. Then he proceeded to tell me that the AMA is now recommending against running. It's too high impact. He brought it up a couple of times throughout my visit, and suggested that I take up biking or swimming instead. With my history of ankle problems, he may be right. I kind of want my ankles to work for me as long as possible.

Swimming recreationally is great fun and is something I've enjoyed for as long as I can remember. However, swimming laps gets boring after awhile, since I don't feel like I'm going anywhere. This is quite likely because, oh I don't know, I'm not! Also, if I were to use my iPod, I would need to get a waterproof case, which I have yet to invest in.

Biking is great and all, and I do enjoy it. Unfortunately, my bike is need of repair AND is in Utah. If I were to get a new one, I have no idea what I'm looking for. Plus, they aren't exactly cheap. I also don't know where I would store it. I've been thinking about getting one for quite awhile though, so maybe it's finally time.

Ideally? I'd be dancing. Every day. If I had time, I would be. I miss it like crazy.

As for running, I have a race scheduled for the 25th. I'm taking it easy right now because of the accident, but once I feel better, I'm thinking of not following my doctor's orders until I've finished the race. I don't know though. Input on any of this is welcome.


Giggles said...

You know your body. You know what hurts. You know what feels good. Your doctor is only following some of the research that is out there, not all of it. Your doctor does not know your body the way you do.

Listen to your body. If you listen, you'll be fine. You aren't going to be an Olympic runner any time soon, but you can still run.

I mean, jeez, have you seen my medical history? And you know the running I do.

Just know your limits. But go ahead and nudge them a bit every now and then for the fun of it too.

chosha said...

As long as you feel sufficiently recovered, one more race isn't going to destroy you.

Alternatively invest a crapload of money in getting some sorbethane insoles. They absorb shock like nobody's business, but they are expensive.