Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans

Ever have one of those days where you end up experiencing the exact opposite of what you expected? I've had one of those weeks.

As most of you know, I love being a member of Mormon Choir of Washington. However, I was beginning to wonder if it was becoming too much and maybe I should next semester off. Then, last Tuesday, I was asked to be the section leader for the second sopranos. After praying and pondering, I accepted earlier this evening. So, instead of no choir responsibility, I now have more than I did, the opposite of what was planned.

I'm the FHE co-chair for my FHE group. Because I have class on Monday nights, my counterpart and I have planned all of our activities through the end of December. So, when we were informed Wednesday of a request that was made of us by our bishop on Sunday for this evening's activity, it threw us for a loop. We scrambled the rest of the week to put it together. I didn't make it until late (reasons below), and I don't know what happened, but apparently the activity still fell apart. A failed, thrown together activity is the exact opposite of a well-planned, much anticipated one.

Then, of course, there's the idea that every commute to work is going to be uneventful. There may be traffic, but that can be planned for. Getting rear-ended was the exact opposite of what I intended. My pretty, pretty car now has a scratch on the rear bumper, and hopefully that's all. We exchanged information and moved on with life. I was shaken and annoyed, but alright overall. The sign at the body shop in the building next to my office said it was open until 6, but when I arrived at 5:30, it was closed. I'll try again tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my back kept getting more and more sore throughout the day. At my dad's insistence, I decided to visit the doctor and get checked out. My piano teacher overheard me make arrangements to miss class and FHE and suggested I visit the Urgent Care in the same parking lot, instead of waiting for hours at the ER.

Had it been any other 30 minutes of my week than the 30 minutes I see her, I would have been stuck for hours. I consider it a blessing and that I was being watched out for. There were no other patients, so I went right in. Urine sample, vitals, reflex check, and some six x-rays, I was told that 1) I was fine, just some muscle pain and 2) to stop running. I'll explain my feelings about that in a future post. I was told to take Advil and given a doctor's note to miss work tomorrow if I don't feel up to it.

So, I'm good. Insurance and everything will still have to straightened out, but at least I and my car are okay. That's life. Always keeps things interesting.


Giggles said...

You know my back. There are days when it's better not to, but in my case, my back does better when I can run off my built up stress. It's freeing. I just have to listen to my body and know if it's a good day or not.

I hope your body listens to you a bit and lets you do what you want.

Oh, and if your doctor wants, I know reports of studies that show that running actually strengthens the body and joints, not weakens them. ;)

Sydney said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry! besides everything else that was so unexpected I feel ya for the rear-ended part. I was rear ended three times in one summer.