Thursday, October 16, 2008

No day but today

Laylabean suggested we blog about a day in the life. Here's my Wednesday, October 15, 2008.

4:21 AM - Wake up suddenly, need to use facilities and get a drink.

4:30 AM - Lie awake for the next twenty minutes wondering why in the world I was dreaming about Muppets and suing people and being sent the wrong movies from Netflix. Decide I should probably stop watching lawyer dramedies before bed. Still no reason for the other two.

7:00 AM - Alarm goes off

8:24 AM - I actually get out of bed. Decide that dreaming about Muppets is much more pleasant than dreaming about torture and walks for random causes. Shower, makeup, hair, dress, make lunch.

9:14 AM - Leave for work. Listen to Fall Out Boy and Shakira on the way.

9:40 AM - Arrive at work. Check email, news, some blogs. Start daily IMing with Fran.

10:00 AM - Make Gingerbread Spice tea.

10:15 AM - Start planning my workday.

10:40 AM - Blindsided by a text message. Details not important, but it was unexpected.

11:00 AM - Back to work. Find the checkout forms the teacher accidentally put back in their boxes and sort them.

11:44 AM - This song comes up on Pandora. I fall in love with it again. I find it on YouTube, make it a favorite, and listen to it intermittently throughout the rest of the day. Very fitting. Wish I was that talented on the piano so I could sing it myself.

12:14 AM - Sorted through the music on the east counter. Wrote (in pen!) on some of it and threw even more of it away!

1:06 PM - Eat lunch (turkey sandwich, string cheese, carrots) whilst watching "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" on Hulu. The carrots taste funny.

1:44 PM - Check mail that was delivered whilst I was eating. Check-in returns.

2:00 PM - Investigate The Golden Key International Honour Society, that I received an invitation to join, by virtue of being in the top 15% of my class.

2:13 PM - Remain officially undecided about joining, but am honored by receiving the invitation to do so. GKIHS is a member of the ACHS, so it seems they are on the up and up.

2:17 PM - In deciding a title for this post, realize I've used a lot of songs from the musical "Rent". Today is no exception.

2:20 PM - Settle in for an afternoon of cataloging.

2:30 PM - Call from sister.

2:35 PM - Download The Second Summer of the Sisterhood audiobook to listen to during cataloging.

3:25 PM - Visit from the same friend as the aforementioned text message. Stressful conversation.

3:30 PM - Orchestra teacher comes to browse the library. Friend leaves.

4:00 PM - Teacher leaves, having checked out some music. Remind myself that next Wednesday won't suck and that some good will come out of me being such a goody two-shoes. Back to cataloging. Or reading blogs that Fran and Eilonwy keep sending me.

4:55 PM - Practice the piano.

5:15 PM - Lock up and head home. Call Mom for daily chat about nothing in particular, but she's on a deadline at work, so it's very short. Try to go to the carwash, but forget (as usual) that it's a left on Maple, not a right. Side street U-turn and discover the place is closed anyway (what is up with that?). Get stuck in traffic I could have avoided if I'd known.

6:15 PM - Arrive at home. Do nothing of any importance.

7:20 PM - Gas up car and spend only $30!! Go to grocery store. Forget why I'm there and buy several things I think I need and a few I know I don't. Forget to buy bread (this was realized today). Pick up dinner at Jerry's Subs & Pizza. Mmmm. Cheesesteak.

8:10 PM - Arrive at home, throw perishables in fridge and make roommates rewind Pushing Daisies (thank you TiVo). Watch whilst eating. Almost choke from laughing so hard.

9:00 PM - Watch Project Runway, accompanied by a bowl of ice cream and talking with the roommates (we don't care about anything but the final collections). Our favorite wins!

10:00 PM - Head upstairs, intending to go to bed. Surf the web, brush teeth, dawdle. Computer is slow, which slows up the process.

11:00 PM - Read scriptures and journal. Apparently I have a lot of thoughts to write down because I'm still journaling when at

12:10 AM - Eilonwy IMs me to look at pictures of her brain. Didn't even know I was still online. Realize I missed an IM from my sister about 30 minutes earlier. Chat with both of them for a few minutes. Finish journaling.

12:30 AM - Lights out. So much for going to bed early.


Giggles said...

Woo Hoo! I was part of your day!

I hope your Thursday goes better.

Emily said...

tehe, i'm "the sister"! that is neat. i love your guts!

chosha said...

Love the song you linked, and now I'm loving the Abney Park song. You've introduced me to some crazy good bands. You can program my mp3 player anytime!

I'm not sure about the Project Runway result. That same wave feature got used again and again in pretty much exactly the same way. I loved some of the pieces absolutely, but I was really taken with Karto's collection, too. Most of all I'm pissed that, knowing Kennelley's (spelling?) tendency to magically produce looks that are already out there (because she doesn't follow any other designers - yeah right, given that she nearly wet herself with joy over meeting and designing for that one designer - they still let her do Bryant Park instead of the other guy (can't remember how to spell his name either...). I would have liked to see his whole collection, no matter how bejewelled. If the bust of that dress hadn't been all winged outward, the jewelled cup underneath would have looked awesome. It was a pretty creative piece.

Anyway...did you hear the next season might be delayed by several months? Thank goodness I'll have the next Australian one to watch in the meantime. First season was great.

AmandaStretch said...

Yay! I should update my music more often! Have you listened to Robyn? If not, you should. I think you'd like her.

I agree. I would have loved to see Jarrell's collection, and I would have been happy to see either Korto or Leann win. I just liked Leann most overall.

I did! IF they even HAVE a next season! I guess we'll see!

Laylabean said...

Thanks for the snapshot of your life! Did you ever go back to sleep after waking up so terribly early?

I was glad Leanne won too, she was definitely the most innovative. Don't know if I'd wear any of her stuff, but it was something new. You can see all the final collections including the dummy collections from Jerell, Suede, and Joe at Project Rungay (, just click on their pictures in the left sidebar.

Cheers! Thanks for participating!

Katie said...

Doesn't everyone dream about Muppets?