Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls

Remember how I said some things will be changing this year?

Well, I was right. And, as expected, there are things changing that I didn't even consider. At least not yet.

The things I knew about were pretty much the fact that I'm finishing my Masters this year and wrapping up a HUGE work project, all about the same time. But, that's not until August. The wheels are in motion and all signs are go, and all the other cliches. There's a lot to do for both of those things, but I have time.

Of course, there are lots of post-graduation things to think about, mostly related to what in the world am I going to do after? The possibilities are endless and exciting. We've been over that already.

Now, if grad school and work weren't enough to think about, other random things are popping up out of the blue. For example - I have to move. Have to. All my roommates are moving for one reason or another and the landlord wants to hand over the house to a property management group and either I find people to move in or I move out.


As of right now, I have no idea where I'll be living four weeks from now, and not for lack of trying.

Not to mention some surprising developments in my social life. This is not an announcement of any sort. All relationships are ever changing, some more than others lately.

The problem with all of this that everything is unsettled. I don't deal well with unsettled. As I've probably mentioned before, the year after I graduated from BYU was not good for me, and a lot of it was how unsettled everything was. Things changing now feel awfully similar to this same time four years ago, and I'm afraid that history is going to repeat itself.

Except that I know it won't. I survived that year. I'll survive this one and probably with more style and less heartache.

It's just a lot to think about, and sometimes I'm not good at not thinking about things I have no control over.

What I am really glad for is people I can talk things out with. The good, the bad, the ugly about ourselves, each other, us, life, the universe, and everything.

In fact, it was one of the things that kept me from going too crazy about something today. I really wanted to talk to a friend about something about our relationship, and I knew that, up to this point, we've had a very open dialogue about everything and why would this issue be any different? I knew that we'd talk about it sooner or later and all would be well. I was glad to discover that was right, because they called halfway through me composing this blog. And all is, in fact, well.

And everything is going to be well. About everything.

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Heidi said...

It's a good feeling to get to that place, isn't it?

Lex said...

I know a place that is opening up here if you'd like to move into Arlington.... :)

chosha said...

Yeah why can't things change neatly, one at a time in orderly fashion? It's like the first change is the one that starts the avalanche.