Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's too late to run

True to form, I hit my snooze button for about an hour this morning. Somehow, my tired brain equated each alarm as some sort of Tweet and I was practically sleep-mini-blogging. I don't even USE Twitter! (Yet, anyway.)


I was laying in bed at 8 AM, proud of myself for actually being awake by this time (I've been really pushing it lately) and just about to actually get up when I heard a knock on my front door. With the moving and the selling or freecycling my possessions, I've had a lot of random visitors lately, but none so early. Also, I don't sleep in the altogether, but I really shouldn't be greeting anyone in what I do wear to bed. So, without even grabbing my glasses, I rushed to find my robe and pull back my extremely frizzy hair (it was braided yesterday) and answer the door.

It was my landlord's father and some painting guy who was going to give him a bid on the house.


They let me get dressed before I let them in and their little visit gave me a chance to put my lunch together for the day. Still, I was little annoyed, but they left with plenty of time remaining for me to shower and actually get dressed.

That's just a taste of randomness that has been the last couple of months. A "typical day" would be atypical at this point.

You should know by now that I don't just enjoy music, I make it a part of my life. I constantly, and usually accidentally, find songs that are just perfect for whatever is going on in my head or heart at the time. It's like my own personal soundtrack. I love it.

Lately, I realized that the songs I've been performing are the perfect song for me at that time. In March, my ward had a musical fireside, and I was asked to be part of a women's septet, singing Where Can I Turn For Peace? This was at the peak of my most recent unsettled period, where I had no idea what was going on and who I could turn to. But then, whenever I sang this song, I was reminded that Heavenly Father was on my side, as were most of my friends.

Once that was finished, I was able to focus on preparing for my role in the Institute play (which I WILL blog about, I promise). My character's quintessential song is Hold On from The Secret Garden. Once again, the lyrics were perfect. As we neared our opening, I found a place to live, I knew what I needed to be doing professionally, scholastically, and personally, and I just needed to get through it, just as the lyrics of the song suggest. I have used my own need for those lyrics as I sang them to my character's daughter-in-law to fuel some of my character's motivation.

So, these are my Songs of the Week. I apologize for the quality of the second. If you want to hear a better version, if I do say so myself, we have one more performance this coming Tuesday. Just contact me for where and when.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do. Maybe someone else needs them as much as I have.

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Heidi said...

So this morning, just before I woke up, I had a dream that I discovered this awesome clothing store next to a fabric store, and there was this awesome clearance going on. I'm talking $300 dresses marked down to $15, and everything I wanted was insanely beautiful and in my size, but the store was closing and I couldn't decide on what I wanted to buy. Just when I had decided to come back tomorrow morning, early, I woke up. Sad.