Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Christmas, and I want everything

We haven't decorated for Christmas yet. The roommates don't really have anything in the way of Christmas decorations, and I don't really want to unpack all of mine, as I may be packing them AND everything else I own rather soon. So, it's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. Since I've been listening to Christmas music (at least once a week) since October, it's only sort of helping me get into the Christmas mood. I'm doing the vast majority of my Christmas shopping online and shipping it to my parents' house, where I won't be until Christmas Eve. It's only kind of snowed, but the Christmas decorations (everywhere but my house) are slowly popping up. So, it's a little strange at some times, but Christmas is, mostly, in the air.

Mom asked for Christmas list again, so I thought I might post it here. As always, I would be happy with just a hug, and blog comments, and knowing that everyone I care about is happy and healthy.

A set of silverware (mine are very cheap and don't match all that well)

Board games (we have a whole game closet at the parents' house, and now I only have a few)

KitchenAid stand mixer (in black or red)

1.5" barrel curling iron

digital video camera

speakers for my iPod

sewing machine

enough tuition money for the rest of my grad school career

a boyfriend

What do you want for Christmas?


DeShawn said...

Two weeks off of work... that's what I MOSTLY want for Christmas. (And that's what I'm getting!!)

Two weeks to spend hanging out with my family; two weeks to not have to stress about work or teaching or anything like that...

Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

AmandaStretch said...

I only get a week to see the family I haven't seen since June. It will either be not enough, or just enough. Guess we'll see. :)

Giggles said...

A lap top.


Fun socks.

An actual tool box (a cardboard box with the word "tools" written in a sharpie only gets you so far).

When I moved this year, I used putting up Christmas decorations as an excuse to pack up all my normal stuff.

chosha said...

To see the ocean. More specifically, enough cash to take myself to the ocean. The weather is finally hot enough to swim and I haven't seen the sea in over a year. And I've lived by the ocean all my life.

AmandaStretch said...

Eilonwy - I asked for tools for my birthday in 2007. They are purple. The boys that have seen them make fun of me, but they work! Also, I don't have lots of tchotkes in my common areas, otherwise that's a great reason.

Chosha - I hope you get to go! Sometimes I wish Christmas = warm for me.

chosha said...

Thanks. Oh and although I always enjoy your playlists, I could (if you were a guy) kiss you on the mouth for that Mercy Me song - majestic, awesome. I want to blast it through the whole neighbourhood, yet it still retains enough to have the beauty of a traditional carol. :)

AmandaStretch said...

Isn't it great!? I just discovered it this year. So glad you love it too!

Kristin said...

I want a healthy baby!