Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I survived the trip home. Apparently everyone else on the Eastern seaboard was making the same trip, so what usually takes 4.5 hours took more than 8. About hour 6, I started thinking about strangling the boys I was traveling with, so I took a nap. And missed the Bon Jovi sing-along. Otherwise, it was a great trip!

Sad that you didn't see my fantastic red coat in the parade crowds? Well, that's because I wasn't wearing it. I was snug and warm in the office building of friends of friends of parents of a friend of a friend that overlooked the parade, just off Columbus Circle. I got to see everything, but without losing feeling in my face.

The rest of the weekend was also lovely. I enjoyed friends both new and old, got a lot of homework done, played Guitar Hero by myself for three hours, ate the most fantastic dim sum, bought a new purse, and relaxed.

Now! It's Christmas time! To celebrate the season, I've changed the playlist to Christmas songs. You may hear an abundance of "The Carol of the Bells", but you'll certainly not hear "Walking in a Winter Wonderland". Or "Let It Snow". I've decided that I don't like those songs. Possibly because I'm jaded and bitter, because even when I've had a boyfriend during the holidays, I've certainly never done any of the things they sing about. Sad, really.

I had a hard time with "I'll Be Home For Christmas" last year. I knew I was going to spend Christmas in Paris with my grandparents and all, but I wasn't going to be home.

I will be this year though, and I'm counting down the days!

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