Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Laughing all the way

In honor of the Festivus "Airing of Grievances", and to borrow a feature often found on Darin's blog, I now present you with my

List of Things That Must Go - Christmas edition

Reindeer antlers on cars - Your car just looks silly. A big SUV with reindeer antlers on the front windows? Silly. A tiny sports car? Silly. I'm all for Christmas spirit, but your car does not look like a reindeer at all. The jury is still out on wreaths on the front of cars.

Bad Christmas music - It seems that Christmas music falls into one of three categories - Awesome, Bad, and Awesomely Bad (like the Shonen Knife song on my playlist). Just because you are a popular music artist does not mean you should record a Christmas album. 20 other people have recorded an equally bad rendition of that same song. What you should do is find Christmas songs that are appropriate for your voice OR write a totally new song!

Christmas without snow - It hasn't really snowed here yet, so it's just gray and cold, and that's not festive. At least the sun is shining, so it's not dismal, and I'm going home to a place where there is, reportedly, a lot of snow.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have grievances you'd like to air? I certainly feel a lot better, now that I've gotten that off my chest. Merry Festivus!


Giggles said...

Christmas can do without swearing travelers. Getting upset, swearing, etc, won't change your travel problems. Also, if you are telling the travel agent that you are being nice because you aren't yelling, you probably aren't being nice.

Nancy said...

I wrote a new carol just for you to describe what I think Christmas can do without.

chosha said...

I've never had a Christmas with snow. One day.

I don't have a specific Christmas 'must go' (I'm sure I'll think of one as soon as I post this comment) but I have a Christmas-related one:

Please, if you are celebrating Valentine's Day, it's time to TURN OFF THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS IN YOUR FRONT YARD!! If only my neighbour read your blog.