Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holdin' out for a hero

I am introducing a new feature here at The Book Guardian - Hero of the Day.

It's an award I give out on occasion, as a thank you for any number of things, but it usually doesn't mean anything else.

Until now!

Anytime I give someone the "Hero of the Day" award, they shall receive a mention on my blog. This guy certainly qualifies, as do some from this weekend.

I spent most of this last weekend with CorryZahn, who so graciously let me stay with them for the third time this year. However, on Saturday night, I stayed with the brother and girlfriend of the friend who did the driving (the first time I didn't drive to NYC, it was great). We were just all chatting and I realized that this brother knew a LOT about computers and networking.

Now, since about May, my computer has not wanted to connect wirelessly to any network but my own at home. This is highly frustrating as that's kind of the point of a laptop - mobility.

I finally got the courage to ask this relative stranger to look at my compy. He did, and within 15 minutes, I was on the internet again! I was thrilled!

Then I got home Sunday night. And the compy wouldn't even connect to my home network. Great. I left it until Monday, hoping it would magically fix itself (hoping for the old "restart" trick to kick in), but it didn't. Luckily, I had the foresight to email my professor from work to say that I might not make it to class.

By 7:30 (class is from 7-8), the computer wasn't any closer to working and I was getting calls from my FHE "kids" asking what was going on. So, I left, picked up Simon, my new FHE co-chair, and we were off. The subject of my computer came up and he said he might know what was wrong. So a little later, on our way back to his house, we picked it up and took a look at it at his house. This time I watched him so I knew what to do, and once again, within 10 minutes this time, I was back online! I even IMed Alvin to tell him hello from his kitchen.

These guys are definitely my current Heroes of the Day!

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