Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Children's voices, oh how sweet

One of the more interesting things about a singles ward is that it is completely silent during some parts of church, particularly during the passing of Sacrament and in between testimonies on Fast Sunday. You can literally hear a pin drop.

Josh and Courtney accompanied me to church yesterday, after I went to Mass with them. They have the most adorable five-month-old son. During the Sacrament, Doran was contentedly bouncing around on my lap and made only a few vocalizations of his happiness. Of course they were adorable, but they reverberated around the silent room. Those whose faces I saw were smiling, and most of us love babies and weren't bothered. In a regular ward, there would be many children making similar noises.

As if my presence wasn't already known to the congregation, following the Sacrament, the counselor in the bishopric got up and thanked us for our reverence and so forth and then added:

"Amanda, thanks to your friends for bringing their son and allowing us to hear the sounds of innocence." I smiled at him, but I think all three of us were somewhat embarrassed. He continued:

"We'll now have three wonderful speakers, and Amanda will give us a special musical number. Sister #1 will speak, followed by Sister #2, and then Amanda Stretch will sing 'How Great Thou Art' ".

Not only did he point me out and say my name three times in less than three minutes, I had to get up shortly and sing, a capella, in front of the entire congregation. It's no wonder my heart was pounding by that time.

Thanks kiddo. It's a good thing you're so cute.

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