Sunday, November 13, 2011

Loyal, strong and true!

How do you feel about college football?

(Okay, that's not on the list I've been getting questions from.)

I've known the Brigham Young University fight song for as long as I can remember. When we kids were involved in sports, the family would change the words to be appropriate to our team name (e.g. And cheer our Heartbreakers and Amanda too). My parents met at BYU and I remember even in Texas going to friends' houses to watch BYU football games. Now that we're in Utah, the parents have season tickets and I had some with my freshman year boyfriend in fall 2002. Obviously, we're big BYU football fans at our house. So much so that when I was at Stadium of Fire for the Fourth of July in 2006 wrestling with the decision to move to DC, I got a little verklempt because if I moved, when would I ever be back in LaVell Edwards Stadium?

Apparently, the answer was 5 years and 4 months, because tonight I got to use my dad's ticket and go cheer my Cougars with my mom!

We beat the University of Idaho Vandals 42-7! It was so cold, but so great to be there!


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