Friday, November 4, 2011

Had I Known How To Save a Life

Has anyone ever saved your life? Describe.

Not in the traditional sense. None of my accidents, falls, illnesses, etc., have been truly life threatening. Maybe if you count my parents stopping the bleeding and diligently taking me to the doctor when I split my head open the first time. And the second time. We didn't have insurance the third time, but I survived anyway.

You could probably count the doctor who performed my reconstructive foot surgeries when I was thirteen. I would have lived without them, but not nearly had the same quality of life.

There's Krista, who introduced herself to me the first day of school at my new junior high in Utah, having recognized me from being in her ward (congregation) the Sunday before. I didn't know a soul but, thanks to Krista, went out with a whole new, fantastic group of friends to see The Truman Show at Movies 8 that Friday, and I'm still, more or less, in touch with these same friends today.

There's Cristina, who found out I was interested in theatre and invited me to join her at the SCERA Youth Theater after school program. Getting involved in that group opened up many doors, and I wouldn't have known about it if she didn't tell me.

There's Andrew, who suggested I talk to Myrna about getting a job in the music library. So I did, and I'm sure you figured out the rest.

There's Cheeky Monkey, who sent me the posting for the job I still have today that got me out of a bad spiral I was in while living in Utah and brought me to DC, where countless things and opportunities and people have blessed my life.

There's A$, who set me up with a more efficient workout plan I have yet to falter on. And Cabeza and Theater Greek and Eilonwy and Fran and my family and everyone else who has supported me on this particular journey. Being healthy now will certainly save my life later.

I could go on. No, one has ever saved my life in the CPR/rescue breathing sense, but there are definitely many people who have helped direct it towards a more fulfilling and rewarding path and improve the quality of my life which has undoubtedly saved my life in some way.

John Donne said "No man is an island." I certainly believe that, and I'm so thankful for the wonderful people who are part of my life and let me be part of theirs in return!
Clearly, three people on a hammock didn't work out so well.

P.S. I'm CPR/AED certified - so if I needed to save a life, I could!


Andrew said...

I did that? Awesome.

(I don't even remember! :) )

Giggles said...

I have been CPR certified at various times but I know it is not up to date at this point.

I can tell you that the guy who came up with CPR was from here in Arizona and was the one who came out in the last few years and said you don't really need to do the rescue breathing part (which was what kept many people from doing it). The song "Staying Alive" has the beat you need to keep when doing chest compressions.

Myrna said...

Very nice post, Amanda!