Saturday, June 28, 2008

I won't break your heart shaped glasses

Though I might break my new reading glasses. Yes, dear readers, you heard right. My reading glasses. That I'm wearing. In addition to my contacts.

Do you see why this is so distressing!?

I've had trouble with my dry and sensitive eyes for several years now. I've tried quite a few different brands of contacts and solutions and nothing seemed to help for long. Since my prescription had expired and I couldn't get new contacts without it, I went in for an exam two weeks ago and mentioned the dryness. The doctor asked how long I spent in front of a computer everyday. I was hesitant to admit it was somewhere between 7-9 hours, and then realized I was forgetting the hours of studying I do every week. 7-9 hours was long enough, however, for her to give me a disappointed look and tell me I needed "computer glasses". Which is code for "reading glasses". The girl who helped me pick frames didn't even try to hide it.


My mom has to wear reading glasses, and our prescription is almost exactly mine (which, by the way, was tweaked yet again). The kicker? She got the reading glasses sometime the last few years, and is in her late forties. I'm only in my mid-twenties! Why are my eyes already trying to catch up to hers?

Someone reminded me that I get to rock the sexy librarian look now, which is pretty much every guy's fantasy. Been there. Done that. Was Miss November 2006.

It took me a week to accept my fate and actually order them. I suppose that I really do only have one pair of eyes, and I don't want them to shrivel up like raisins. Also, I did notice that my eyes felt worse on days I was at the computer, comparatively to days I wasn't.

They came in yesterday, and I wore them whilst coding my new website and watching TV. It was the weirdest thing to take off my glasses and still be able to see across the room. I've been wearing them pretty much all day at work today, and yes, my eyes do feel better than they usually do at this time of day. I guess the doctor was right, and I have a third pair of glasses to add to my collection.

What do you think?


Giggles said...

Those are spiffy reading glasses. They make you look even smarter. :)

Nancy said...

Very nice :)

I just got new glasses, too...although mine aren't of the cool rimless variety...

They look nice!