Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer time, and the living is easy

It's officially summer! Okay, so the summer solstice isn't until June 20 at 23:59, but I don't care.

Here are some the things that make it officially summer to me:

  • Duck Beach
  • Sunday Night on the Mall
  • Warm, violent thunderstorms (nature is so cool)
  • Barbecue
  • Flip-flops and shorts
  • Star gazing
  • Sunsets after 8 PM
Since I've now enjoyed all these things, I officially consider it be summer now, which makes me very happy.

Another one of my favorite things is the influx of "summer songs" - the songs that just mean good times with good friends and beautiful weather. They aren't the most amazing, critically, and I certainly don't "smoke funny things", nor endorse such behavior, or Kid Rock in general, but here are a couple of songs for Summer 2008:

New Kids on the Block - Summertime - Jordan Knight looks like a former bishop of mine, which is a little unnerving.

Kid Rock - All Summer Long - Don't judge me. I could do without the video and about half the lyrics, but the rest just begs for cruisin' down the street.

And a few from years past:

LFO - Summer Girls - The lyrics are just awful (When you take a sip, you buzz like a hornet / Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets), but the music is fun!

Len - Steal My Sunshine - How can you not love this song?

Tommy Lee - Good Times - Drummer turned vocalist? Why not!

Have a great summer! And don't forget the sunscreen!!

1 comment:

DeShawn said...

Summertime summertime sum- sum- summertime...

For me, summer always started when school ended. Now that I don't have such an event for myself, I start summertime when my kids are out of school.

I'd HATE year-round school for this very reason.

This summer, I have altogether too much planned. Woohoo!