Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2 More Reasons I Want Lasik

I've been wearing glasses since I was nine, and contacts since I was 14. I'm on my 3rd and 4th pairs of glasses.



Aren't you glad you missed the giant red glasses phase? The second pair was a lot like the 3rd in shape, but a little thicker and the earpieces were pink. Now that I think about it, that's kind of cute. What did I do with those?


I alternate between the two pairs of glasses and contacts, depending on my mood, how I look, what I'm wearing, etc. It's fun having options, especially because my eyes can be really annoying.

They're super sensitive. I swear if I didn't keep putting eye drops in them and using my special contact solution, they'd shrivel up like raisins. They get so dry and itchy, and staring at a computer screen on a fairly regular basis does not help. I love the color of my eyes, and that I'm able to see, but they bother me more often than not.

I have a brand of contacts that one can wear night and day for several days in a row - if your eyes are the non-sensitive type. They're supposed to allow more oxygen or something. I do like them, but I shouldn't wear them to bed.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I should have known it was going to be a bad contacts day. I'd woken up in plenty of time for church, so without even getting out of bed, I picked up book I'd started the night before and began reading. My eyes felt really weird, and after a few seconds, I did a quick test - can I read the things on my wall?


Drat. I must have been so tired that I forgot to take my contacts out. So I rubbed my eyes intermittently for a few minutes and they eventually felt fine. It was nice that I could immediately see upon waking, but it would nice to just do that and not have to fight the contacts at the same time. (Reason #1)

Church was great, and I came home with the intentions of making dinner, getting ready for the fireside I was singing at with the Mormon Choir, eating dinner, and going to the concert. I was trying a new recipe, and it involved green chiles. I put everything together and ran upstairs to change. Naturally, my left contact was bothering me, so I took it out, rinsed it with saline solution, and tried to pop it back in. I tried unsuccessfully a few times, and now my eye was burning. Fantastic.

Since I was running out of time, I decided to take out the other contact and just wear glasses to the concert (which I hate doing). As soon as I did that, my other eye started burning.

Oh yeah. I had fresh chiles in my dinner. OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!

I grabbed my eyedrops, finished dressing, and ran out the door, thanking my roommate for taking dinner out of the oven for me.

The concert/fireside was wonderful, even if I did have to wear glasses.

As I was eating my dinner and Skyping with my parents, it dawned on me that I had picked up jalapenos instead of Anaheim chiles.

Anaheim chiles -

Jalapenos (except mine were skinnier, and slightly lighter in color) -

No WONDER my eyes hurt.

Reason #2


Nancy said...

Ouch! I am all for lasik...one of these days, when I'm rich and famous.

Did you ever call solution "eye juice?" I'm pretty sure that was you, anyway...

AmandaStretch said...

I don't think I called it eye juice. I have called it contact juice on occasion.

Nancy said...

Maybe that's what it was...