Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Three bucks, two bags, one me

Ah. New York City, how I love thee. The impeccable subway, empty sidewalks, and the fact that everyone randomly breaks into song and dance every hour.

Just kidding. The subway was still gross, but it goes everywhere and runs often. The sidewalks were much clearer than they'd be in June. And no one looks at you funny if you do break into song and dance. Which we only did a few times.

I spent the weekend in NYC with Smash, Reimsy, Princess (a guy, just so you know), and Dr. E. It was probably the best road trip I've had with a group of friends to date. Amazingly, with the exception of about two hours one day, we all agreed on what to do and we always got along swimmingly. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

A few highlights:

- The Farnsworth Invention - This was a brilliant play. Sure, they changed some historical facts, but it made for excellent theater. The actor playing Philo T. Farnsworth was amazing, Hank Azaria was great to see on stage, and everything on stage went so smooothly with all the set and character changes. Backstage must be a nightmare. I don't do standing ovations often, but this one deserved it.

- Xanadu - Seriously. A musical on roller skates, featuring the gorgeous Cheyenne Jackson. This was great fun, and we consequently spent the rest of the weekend quoting this show and practicing our cheesy Australian accents. Two standing ovations from me in one day!

- Empire State Building - Not the warmest place to be in February, but I'd somehow never done this before and I loved the view.

- Chinatown - This summer I'll be sporting a new "Kate Spade" purse and I already wore my new "Tiffany" necklace. Plus I got this new hat:

- Fashion District - Seeing Mood Fabrics and revisiting Bryant Park will make my watching of Project Runway that much more fun.

- Etc. - Great friends, wonderful food, and a city that I love.

I *heart* NY!

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Heidi said...

I am jealous--JAY LOUSE--of your trip. Especially to Mood.

The End.