Friday, February 29, 2008

Mice Eat Cheese

I had a minor crisis today.

We were discussing that she needs to get a clicker thing to park at the closer lot to her work building, so she sent me a map of her campus and the following conversation began: (italics denote actions or thoughts)

me: that's not so bad
Fran: No, it really isn't. But when I am in a hurry and don't want to go over on my lunch, it would be faster to park in C.
The walk from D is pretty, because it goes by a manmade stream.
And there are maple trees on either side of the sidewalk.
K goes past my old job.
me: Totally read that as marmalade stream.
Fran: lol!
Well, you know...
me: snort
Fran: ooo. Orange marmalade on a baguette sounds lovely right now.
me: meh (Don't like marmalade much. Ooh. But a toasted bagel with some melty cheese sounds . . .)
ACK! I forgot what my favorite cheese is! (I could picture it and taste it, but not name it.)
Fran: OH NO! (I frantically search for a cheese list on Wikipedia.)
Mine is gouda.
A nice sharp cheddar is lovely, though. (found it!)
me: Gruyere
Fran: So is muenster.
ooo. cheese...
me: PHEW
I want gruyere now
Heidi: yum.

Does anything sound better than gruyere right now? No. I didn't think so.

Yes. I have a favorite cheese and even a favorite dinosaur, but not a favorite color.

Oh, it's triceratops, in case you were wondering.

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SJ said...

My favorite cheese is Chevrelait. Russ and I had it at a party once. It's happiness in your mouth. Unfortunately it's impossible to find.