Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh-oh, the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-COMin' down the street

Alright, so it was the UPS truck. Big deal. Still, yesterday was a very good day for me. In some ways. Being at work for 11.5 hours and staving off a sinus infection were not fun times. Getting three packages in one day was a wonderful surprise!

Last week, I used some of the gift cards I'd gotten over Christmas to do some online shopping. It was a gamble not trying things on first, but I decided to risk it.

I ordered a sweater (in an aqua color):

A paisley print top:

And a wave iron for my hair.

Monday night, my duet partner for an upcoming performance and I realized that none of our colleagues were getting us the music we needed, so I ordered it overnight from Amazon. (The book cost $17.95. Shipping was $17.98.)

When I got the shipping confirmation in my email yesterday morning, I checked the UPS tracking for all three packages. All three were noted as "OUT FOR DELIVERY". I was thrilled! The music came to my office, as my duet partner was coming here to pick it up. It arrived late morning. The other two were waiting for me at home!

It was like Christmas! I'm wearing my new top today, and it fits perfectly. Also, my duet partner is getting her choir booster club to cover my shipping cost for the music. Bonus! It will be Christmas at my house again in a week or two when I get 15 new CDS I paid the price of one for. (I had some free music vouchers.) $250 in new music, for only $60 (shipping and handling).

I love shopping online, especially when I really don't spend much money at all!

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