Friday, February 29, 2008

A-B-C, baby, you and me

Thanks Mr. Me. Again.

A–Attached or single: Single, mostly, or something.

B–Best Friend: Fran, fo sho

C–Cake or Pie: What kind of pie? Cherry pie? What kind of cake? Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? I'll take the cake. But if the pie is strawberry rhubarb and the cake is raspberry? I'll go with the pie.

Mmm. Cheesecake.

D–Day of Choice: I'm rather partial to Saturdays, since I can sleep in and still be productive on my own time and do whatever I want.

E–Essential Item: Cell phone. It's my main source of contact for the most important people in my life.

F–Favorite Color: I don't have one.

G–Gummi Bears or Worms: Bears, if I must. Does anyone remember Amazing Fruit? So good. Ideally? Jelly Babies.

H–Hometown: Of all the places I've lived, Orem, UT feels the most like home.

I–Indulgence(s): Bubble baths and a book. The outside world does not exist. I need a better bathtub.

J–January or July: July. I prefer the summer.

K–Kids: Are great. I don't have any.

L–Life is incomplete without: Love.

M–Marriage Date: Well, it's been facetiously set for April 21, 2010.

N–Number of Siblings: 1 sister and 1 brother

O–Oranges or Apples: If they're both the best most delicious of their kind (not to be confused with Red Delicious, which are anything but), I'll take the orange.

P–Phobias or Fears: Being alone forever.

Q–Quote(s): “I'd pay my bills with blind kids' smiles, but their money is a lot easier” - Emerson Cod

R–Reason To Smile: My friends. I love you guys.

S–Season: Spring.

T–Tag Six: Meh. Do it if you want to.

U–Unknown Fact about Me: I have a recent fondness for Cherry Coke.

V–Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: What a politically charged question. I like meat. Thank you.

V–Venice or Florence: Venice first, I think.

W–Worst Habit: Procrastinating.

X–X-Rays or Ultrasounds: I've had lots of x-rays. I probably glow in the dark.

Y–Your Favorite Food: Strawberries

Z–Zodiac: Gemini. Sometimes it's amusing.


Nancy said...


Ha, ha! We went and got cheesecake and ate in our room, too. :)

AmandaStretch said...

Love it!! Why don't I remember you being on that trip?

Probably because I was being an all-mighty drama senior, and you were just a junior. ;)