Saturday, December 1, 2007

You're an instant winner, out of the blue

This is it! I made one blog post every day for the month of November! Some days were harder than others, but I really enjoyed it. I hope you did too.

Now, in order to celebrate, let's have a little contest shall we?

The Rules:

Be the first person to correctly guess the title and artist for each of my posts this month. If it's a show tune, as there are a few, I want the show title. If, after enough submissions, no one has guessed all of them correctly, the person with the most correct answers will be the winner.

Should you see that someone has answered and I haven't named a winner yet, answer anyway! You may have more right than they do. I know that there are more readers on this blog than commenters, so I'm hoping a few of you will make yourselves known. Say hi.

The prize? I'll bring you something back from Paris.

I'll be there in 25 days. I can't wait!

Now, if I don't know you, and you win, we'll work something out.

That's enough from me.

Ready? Set? GO!!


DeShawn said...

I'm sure on all but a couple. So here you go!

Nov 1 – N Sync – Here We go
Nov 2 – Loverboy – Working for the Weekend
Nov 3 – The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You (Theme from Friends)
Nov 4 – Christina Aguilera – Beautiful
Nov 5 – Once And For All from the Newsies Soundtrack
Nov 6 – Louis Armstrong – Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
Nov 7 – Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
Nov 8 – The Aquabats – Pizza Day
Nov 9 – I Enjoy Being a Girl from the musical Flower Drum Song
Nov 10 – Out Tonight from the musical Rent
Nov 11 – They Might Be Giants – Experimental Film
Nov 12 – Five Iron Frenzy – These Are Not My Pants
Nov 13 – Mozart’s Requiem
Nov 14 – Straylight Run – Existentialism on Prom Night
Nov 15 – No Doubt – Magic’s In the Makeup
Nov 16 – Amazing Grace, performed by one of a million artists/groups
Nov 17 – Sarah McLachlan – Plenty
Nov 18 – Barenaked Ladies – Call and Answer
Nov 19 – Britney (ugh) Spears – Email My Heart
Nov 20 – Why God Why from the musical Miss Saigon
Nov 21 – India Arie – Because I Am a Queen
Nov 22 – Adam Sandler – The Thanksgiving Song
Nov 23 – Barenaked Ladies – Shopping
Nov 24 – Rise and Shout – The BYU Cougar Fight Song
Nov 25 – Bonnie Raitt – Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About
Nov 26 – Oingo Boingo – Nasty Habits
Nov 27 – Shakira – No Creo
Nov 28 –Blink 182 – I Guess This is Growing Up
Nov 29 – Witness – Here's One for You ??
Nov 30 – Aly & AJ – Out of the Blue ??

Linds said...

Nov 30--Delta Goodram, Out of the Blue
Nov 29--For Emily, Whenever I May Find her, Simon and Garfunkel
Nov 28--I guess this is growing up, Blink 182
Nov 27--No Creo, Shakira
Nov 26--Nasty Habits, Oingo Boingo
Nov 25--Let's Give 'em somthing to talk about, Bonnie Raitt
Nov 24--Cougar Fight Song
Nov 23--Shopping, BNL
Nov 22--Thanksgiving Song, Adam Sandler
Nov 21--Video, India Arie
Nov 20--Why God Why?, Miss Saigon
Nov 19--Email my Heart, Britney Spears
Nov 18--Call and Answer, BNL
Nov 17--Plenty, Sara McLachlan
Nov 16--Amazing Grace, Traditional
Nov 15--The Magic's in the Makeup, No Doubt
Nov 14--Existentialism on Prom Night, Straylight Run
Nov 13--Requiem, Mozart
Nov 12--These are Not my Pants, Five Iron Frenzy
Nov 11--Experimental Film, They Might Be Giants
Nov 10--Out Tonight, Rent
Nov 9--I Enjoy Being a Girl, Flower Drum Song
Nov 8--Pizza Day, Aquabats
Nov 7--Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield
Nov 6--Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, Traditional Spiritual
Nov 5--I will be me, Ashley Tisdale
Nov 4--Beautiful, Xtina Aguilera
Nov 3--I'll be there for you, Jon Bon Jovi and Rick Sambora
Nov 200
Nov 2--Working for the Weekend, Loverboy
Nov 1--Here We Go, Trina and Kelly Rowland

Emily said...

Nov 1 – Here We Go- N*Sync
Nov 2 – Working for the Weekend- Loverboy (also performed by Josh Gracin)
Nov 3 – I’ll Be There for You- The Rembrandts
Nov 4 – Beautiful- Christina Aguilera
Nov 5 – Once And For All- Newsies, the musical
Nov 6 – Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen- Louis Armstrong
Nov 7 – Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
Nov 8 – Pizza Day- The Aquabats
Nov 9 – I Enjoy Being a Girl- Flower Drum Song, the musical
Nov 10 – Out Tonight – Rent, the musical
Nov 11 – Experimental Film – They Might Be Giants
Nov 12 – These Are Not my Pants- Five Iron Frenzy
Nov 13 – Mozart’s Requiem, also performed by Andrea Bocelli as Requiem Aeternam
Nov 14 – Existentialism on Prom Night – Straylight Run
Nov 15 – Magic’s in the Makeup- No Doubt
Nov 16 – Amazing Grace- do you really want 1 artist?
Nov 17 – Plenty- Sarah McLachlan
Nov 18 – Call and Answer- Barenaked Ladies
Nov 19 – E-mail My Heart- Brittney Spears
Nov 20 – Why God Why? - Miss Saigon, the musical
Nov 21 – Because I am a Queen- India Arie
Nov 22 – The Thanksgiving Song- Adam Sandler
Nov 23 – Shopping – Barenaked Ladies
Nov 24 – Rise and Shout – The BYU Cougar Fight Song
Nov 25 – Something to Talk About- Bonnie Rait
Nov 26 – Nasty Habits – Oingo Boingo
Nov 27 – No Creo- Shakira
Nov 28 – I Guess This is Growing Up- Blink 182
Nov 29 – Pullin’ Together- Saturday’s Warrior, the musical (line by Jimmy)
Nov 30 – One in a Million- Instant Winner