Friday, November 30, 2007

Okay Emily, I've got one for you

I love my sister.

She's gorgeous, talented, funny, and an amazing friend. Of course, we haven't always been this close. I definitely will never share a bathroom with her again. Also, she totally hogs the bed. (Sorry Future Brother-in-law, it's true.)

When we were little, Emily totally hero-worshiped me. My favorite color was red, so her favorite color was red. Then I changed it to purple, and she changed hers to purple. I finally stopped having a favorite color, and I still don't. Hers is still purple (and pink). She always went along with whatever game I decided to play, like House or School, etc. We loved to play Barbies, dress-up, and trolls. Of course, she always wanted to tag along wherever I went, and Mom usually made me take her. When I was six, and she was almost two, we moved from Utah to Texas, and she leaned her head out of her car seat and onto my shoulder to sleep for the entirety of our three day drive. I was not pleased.

We also teamed up against our brother all the time. If he and I had an argument, she was always on my side. He learned to deal with us kissing him with our ballet lipstick on after recitals, and doing all other manner of girly stuff. We'd even let him play Barbies with us with his X-men action figures.

Emily and I went through the teenage drama at different times (which is good, because it might have killed our parents otherwise), but we started being able to share clothes, stories about boys, and makeup tips. I've loved watching her grow up and become an amazing woman. I hate that we live 2500 miles away from each other, now that we're finally really, really great friends.

We still call each other all the time with good news (even if it's 2 AM for me), or just to talk. I even have a photo collage on my desk from a time that we were on the phone together whilst she was bored and working at the Sears Potrait Studio. She has the phone to her ear and everything. I love it.

My sister rocks. That's really all there is to it.

Plus, she'll love me even if I share this picture with all of you. (This is on our way home from our cousin's wedding. We were very tired, and I swear my lipstick looks better fresh.)

Hooray for Emily Pemily!


Emily said...

Yay!! I'm such a cool sister. and for the record my favorite color wandered for awhile after i got over copying you. i had never heard that sleeping on your shoulder story! i love your stinkin' guts sisterface! even if i don't copy you and follow you around anymore.

AmandaStretch said...

Oh good! I was beginning to wonder since you hadn't copied me for some time. ;)