Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These are not my pants!

Luckily, not all my ward activities are as unfortunate as the Film Festival. The first weekend of October was our ward retreat at Camp Greentop in Northern Maryland, and it was a lot of fun. We had a bonfire, games, mini-classes, an excellent speaker, and delicious food. We spent the night in cabins, about ten people to a cabin.

In the morning, due to the cold and being modest, I did the change-my-pants-in-my-sleeping-bag-dance. Once I got out, I finished dressing and immediately rolled up my sleeping bag and took all my stuff to my car. As I recall, no one else was ever in my sleeping bag or even touched it.

Fast forward to Friday, November 9. I have the day off from work, and I'm cleaning my room whilst listening to my lectures for school. I finally brought in my sleeping bag (my duffel had come in weeks ago). It needed to be re-rolled before I stored it again, and as I was unrolling it my pajama pants from the retreat fell out, as did some other pair of pajama pants and underwear. Without even blinking, I decided the pj pants must be my roommate Jane's and I was about to put the underwear in my hamper. Suddenly, I remembered that I don't wear that kind of underwear anymore, as it is of a more secular nature, and I certainly didn't have it with me at the retreat. Someone else's pajama bottoms and underwear had been in my sleeping bag for six weeks! Eek!

Still, I decided all of it was Jane's, since she's the only one in the house who wears that underwear style. She wasn't home, so just put it all on her bed and forgot about it.

Sunday night, Jane and I were talking, and I suddenly remembered about the pajamas and underwear.

"Did you find your pajama pants?"

"Oh yeah, I did, I meant to tell you. They aren't mine."

Eek again! We then pondered on whose they could be, but we could only think of one other person in our cabin who could possibly be the owner, and they were never anywhere near my bed or car or sleeping bag that second day of the retreat.

Conclusion: We have no idea who left their pants and underwear in MY sleeping bag.

Let me know if you're missing any . . .


Giggles said...

Okay. You win. That is by far the weirdest story I have heard in a very long time.

Heidi said...


That was awesome. A little frightening, but awesome. So many reason I love you.

Sara said...

Jane shared this post with me. I am STILL laughing (and still creeped out - ewwwww!).