Monday, September 10, 2012

At Last, My Love Has Arrived (Love Story Part 1)


Let me introduce a new main character around these parts. This is Blake.

Hi everybody!

Handsome, no?

We met like every good Mormon couple, in our single’s ward. Actually, we met twice. On the same day. April 29th, to be exact.

We first met before church. Unfortunately, I was highly distracted since I’d found out earlier that week about being laid off and I was supposed to direct the music in our Sacrament meeting. So, when a friend introduced me to a young man who had just been accepted to American University for a JD/MPP program, I pretty much just said hi and hurried off.

I was also on my way to take care of other things. So I made a mental note about the girl with purple hair and a checkered dress (it was plaid - Amanda), which like most introductions, was promptly poorly sorted.

The second time we met was during the third hour, which was a joint Priesthood/Relief Society meeting. I saw only one open seat, so I asked the young man next to it if I could sit with him, complimented him on his tie, clueless that I’d already seen it just a couple hours before, and then tuned into the meeting. We made the occasional snarky comment and exchanged names before I hurried home to do a school project due that week.

It should be noted that there were only two seats making up the row, with me sitting in one of them.  When I saw her headed over I remembered meeting her but couldn’t remember her name, and so I started making conversation since I figured she remembered meeting me and I didn’t want to look silly having already forgotten. I had no idea she didn’t have a clue who I was, otherwise I would probably have just sat there.

Later that day, I was looking up this young man on Facebook and suddenly realized he was the same one I met at the beginning of the day. And while I was still on his page, the friend request he sent popped up in my feed. I accepted, apologized for my spaciness, and we began an almost nonstop week long Facebook message marathon as we started to get to know each other.

While trolling her facebook page I realized that she liked Firefly, a tv show I also liked.  I thought it might be awkward to friend her and then never talk to her again, only to have the friendship quietly dissolved months later when one of us was cleaning out their friends list and couldn’t recall having met the other.  So, I sent a simple message along the lines of “Nice to meet a fellow Browncoat”, not realizing that I had inadvertently sung the love song of nerd-dom.

It worked. This was someone I definitely wanted to have around.

Part 2 Part 3

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