Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well still pretty good year

Places I've Spent At Least One Night in 2010 (see 20092008 and 2006-2007)

Where I Live, VA
Alexandria, VA
Somewhere Over the Atlantic
Cairo, Egypt (exotic desert vacation!)
Arlington, VA
Tucson, AZ (more desert vacations!)
Somewhere Over the Big,  Square States in the Middle (red eye flights are lame)
Thurmond, MD (Super Stretch!)
Columbia, MD
Orem, UT (I love my family!)

2010 was, all things considered, a great year.  I've hated the question "So, what have you've been up to?" because it always felt like the the answer was "work, choir, looking for more work" and how boring is that?  But thinking back, I've had some really wonderful and not boring at all times! Is my life perfect and stress-free?  Not in the slightest, but it's still very, very good. I'm learning to be more comfortable in my own skin, building strong relationships, seeking continual self-improvement, magnifying my responsibilities, and learning to love whatever comes my way. Each year seems to get better than the last, so if that trend continues, 2011 is going to rock!

How was your 2010?

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Giggles said...

That's a great way to look at your year. We did a lot of traveling this year too. We're hopping to not do nearly as much next year. There's just something about sleeping in your own bed.