Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two more years

Yesterday was my two year anniversary of making DC my home! In that time, I've lived in one house, two different bedrooms, had five different couches, and have made countless memories. Every once in awhile, I have an existential crisis about where I'm living and why and how my life is so different now, but the move was the right thing to do. I love living here, the opportunities I've had, and the friends I've made along the way. Thanks again to Cheeky for finding my job!

True to form, Cheeky has found something to make July memorable. She started a blog!


Giggles said...

I have those moments where reality suddenly dawns on me. But I don't consider those a crisis. I consider them more the fact that reality is not always a constant with me.

Congratulations with the two years. What's up with the five couches?

SJ said...

Awe! Thanks for the shout out! So glad DC's worked out for ya!

P.S. How did I miss that June 28 '07 entry??? I love you too, Stretch!