Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sing a Song

I feel like I'm singing constantly. If I don't have music playing audibly, there is almost always something playing in my head, or I'm thinking about listening to something. I can almost always come up with a song in response to something that was said or done, and I am, therefore, almost constantly breaking into song.

So, why is it that when my "nephew" is crying, I can't think of a single song to sing? I sang "Popcorn Popping" twice last night because it was the only song I could think of. Twice. (One time, with a different baby, I sang some eighteen verses of "Old MacDonald".) I couldn't think of a single showtune, hymn, pop song, nada. He doesn't understand half of what is said to him, so I could likely sing anything I want to, as long as I sing it in a soothing, happy voice. Yet, nothing comes out.

This happens every time I try to sing to the boy. Stage fright, maybe? I'm afraid he's going to suddenly learn how to talk and then give me some Simon Cowell-esque critique?

Even as I was feeding and rocking him, and listening to his instrumental lullaby song CD, I couldn't think of the lyrics to the songs that were playing.

"Lullaby, and good night, la la la la, la la la."

We opted to just sit quietly.

I need to expand my repertoire of songs to sing to babies.

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