Thursday, May 1, 2008

While my guitar gently weeps

I have never played Guitar Hero. Ever. Considering the numerous opportunities I've had to play, this may seem to somewhat strange. At first, it was because I didn't know how, and I was embarrassed to ask, because all my friends seemed so good. I didn't want to look totally stupid, especially considering one of the first nights I was around it was a night I was already feeling pretty stupid anyway.

Then, I decided it was a kind of a badge of honor, like the fact that I've never seen "Titanic" or any other things that it seems the majority of my generation has done.

Last night, whilst watching The Universe and Princess play for a few minutes, and declining yet another offer for a turn, I realized it really was just the former, especially around guys. I wouldn't mind if I looked dumb around the girls, but I don't like to look totally inept around the menfolk. I also can be a bit competitive, and I would lose horribly. This is the same reason I watched a LOT of N64 in high school. I didn't have one, or anything gaming system (except a Virtual Boy and an old Sega), and I totally sucked compared to my friends who did. So I just watched most of the time.

Granted, I don't have a lot of time to just sit around and improve my gaming talent. I do, sometimes, drag out the old Sega, which I ended up "borrowing" from my brother and taking to DC with me, and play Sonic. But those skillz do not compare to Super Smash Bros. or MarioKart. I am awesome at the Wii, but it's not the same.

So, I want to learn Guitar Hero and possibly be awesome at it too. Playing is more fun than watching. Anyone want to teach me or let me borrow their gaming system whilst I have a break from school?

Speaking of looking silly, I started taking piano lessons again about a month ago, and I'm loving it. I'm learning this piece (for real now, I've been poking at it for years), but do I have to look as laughably serious as the composer does when he plays it?

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Heidi said...

There's a guy on campus who occasionally plays the piano in the cafeteria upstairs. His own compositions. And what does he look like? He looks like he's having some kind of seizure. He hunkers way down over the keyboard, hunches up his shoulders, and plays like a full-body facial tic. It's terrible.

I learned Guitar Hero by playing with friends and family and getting some really useful tips from those who are better than me. It's so fun, and the majority of people aren't going to think you're an idiot. It's hard for everyone! At least, unlike my sister-in-law's family, you have musical experience so you can anticipate things. :)