Thursday, September 13, 2007


If I haven't mentioned it already, grad school is in full swing. I'm taking two classes, which shouldn't amount to much, right?


This still means I have 3-4 hours of lecture to download and watch/listen to every week. 7 textbooks. Endless textbook excerpts to download. Hundreds of discussion board posts to wade through. And so on and so forth.

With a resolve to not study on Sundays, a church calling that keeps me busy on Monday nights, and choir rehearsals on Thursdays, I have 3 evenings and one day a week to do all that (and almost anything else) in. So far, so good on that. I even had a study-free Saturday last weekend, in which I slept in and cleaned my house before watching the BYU game with friends. It's also great that I get to go to school by lounging on my bed in my jammies, if I so choose.

A new school year also means a very busy time at work. Between work and school, I spend way too much time at the computer.

Life really is good, just very busy. There is certainly not enough time to do everything I want, because even when I have some spare time, I don't always have the energy to do anything but catch up on my TiVo'd shows or read some fluff. When one friend said that they missed me, I realized it had been almost two weeks since I'd seen her, and I was sad.

So in honor of my busy-ness, I shall make two lists:

Things I Do Not Have Quite Enough Time/Money To Do On a Regular Basis
  • Blog more
  • Teach myself to knit
  • Catch up on my Netflix queue
  • Read non-fluff non-school books
  • See all the cool fall movies
  • Hang out with anyone
  • Finish my dining room
  • Organize the heck out of my bedroom/bathroom
  • Go home sometime this fall
  • Get to know my new "nephew"
  • Organize my music
  • Eat as well as I'd like
  • Be in a show

Things I DO Get to Do!

  • Learn interesting things
  • Go to England for Christmas
  • Go to the temple, especially with my missionary brother in 6 weeks
  • Enjoy my Sunday, Monday, and Thursday non-school activities
  • Talk to my family all the time
  • Go to the They Might Be Giants show - right now! Bye!

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Nancy said...

You're going to England for Christmas? Fun!