Friday, September 28, 2007

Not the Only One

Remember my post about hugging? Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks about its appropriateness. I just read this article, and even the Emily Post Institute had something to say about it.

I also remembered another awkward hug moment where an orchestra teacher had been in browsing my shelves. We'd never met in person before that day, but she hadn't been the easiest person to deal with over email. When she was done and came into my office to finish up, we talked whilst I remained seated. Then, just before she left, she opened her arms, offering a hug, which I had to stand up to accept. It was a little strange.

Time for a good hugging story! My mom has trained us to give her a hug when we walk by her, just by opening even one arm. This is particularly applicable if she's sitting at the family computer, which is just at the bottom of the steps into the family room. We usually joke about it now, once we realized our little tradition, but we still do it.

Hugs are awesome more than they are awkward.

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