Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's a quiet thing

What do you get when you combine a bucket list item, a need to walk the dog, your own walking goals, and a holiday from work?

A sunrise walk from the Tidal Basin, past some monuments, and across the Memorial Bridge. And back.
Photo credit: Blake

This was our family's own little Turkey Trot yesterday morning and it couldn't have been a better morning for it. The weather was pleasantly crisp (instead of downright freezing), the sidewalks and roads uncrowded, and the walk not too long or too short. We've been wanting to walk across Memorial Bridge for awhile, so we finally did!

The rest of day was a lot of lazing about and relaxing, coupled with plenty of cooking. It was just us, and that was just what we needed. We also went on another walk around our neighborhood after dinner, so some good mileage has been added to our annual totals.

We actually didn't make our Thanksgiving dessert until today when we had the missionaries over for Thanksgiving Dinner Part 2 - a caramel apple tart. We were too tired and full to even attempt it yesterday, but it was delicious and fresh out of the oven tonight.

Sometimes the quiet adventures are perfect too.
Photo credit: Blake


Giggles said...

Beautiful! And I need your recipe for the apple tart. I love a good apple dessert.

AmandaStretch said...

Thank you! Sent!