Sunday, November 8, 2015

I said that's life (that's life)

I post somewhat regularly to Instagram, which cross-posts to Twitter and Facebook, but here are some little snippets of life lately that did not make it there.

While I was in Utah, The Shops at Riverwoods we're hosting a Chalk the Block. Participants were given a parking spot to decorate using sidewalk chalk. Here are some of my favorites.

I love James Christiansen - We have two of his pieces in our house
Each beam represents an operating temple in the world
Shadow me!

In my library last year, I numbered the tables so that I could manage my students by table if needed. This year, we are doing it by color. I put the colors in sheet protectors and then taped them to the tables. It solved some of the problems I was having with the numbers, but I'll probably argue all year with some kids about whether it's the pink table or the red table. It's red, for the record. 

This did make the Instagram, but we are also doing library centers this year, again for management reasons. Generally, we have a reading center, a skills practice center related to the mini-lesson I taught  that day, and a book checkout center. It's going pretty well. 

Blake and I really like a new donut shop about fifteen minutes from our place, called Sugar Shack. The best part for our budget is that they offer a daily free house donut in exchange for something. We've brought in pictures of UFOs, ordered like old curmudgeons, and traded school supplies for free donuts. Tonight, we had to act like dogs. 

One day was wear crazy socks. Blake wore a pair of my socks with monkeys and bananas all over on his hands because, as his lawyer self reasoned, they didn't say where you had to be wearing the socks. And yes, I wore these with capris and flip flops, because the point was to show them off, not be fashionable. 
Finally, a Malcolm story. A few months ago, there was an exceptionally loud thunderstorm. Malcolm is largely unbothered by thunder, but a really loud and close thunder clap sent him running behind the couch for safety. He discovered that's where we stash our blankets and has added it to his napping repertoire, sometimes during loud or bothersome times, sometimes just because. This was earlier today while Blake was vacuuming. Sorry about the laser eyes. 
Life is good. 


Heidi said...

New hiding places are good things! I wonder if I can fit behind our couch...

Giggles said...

Love the chalk drawings.

Rainbow striped toe socks are always fashionable.

Who wouldn't want to sleep in a pile of blankets.